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April 22, 2019

Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Will Be Sold in Bay Ridge



Update:  Bagel Story’s Scoops n Cookies Shop is now serving Van Leeuwen ice cream.  They also have other ice cream, so make sure to look for the VL menu if you are looking for Van Leeuwen ice cream


Bay Ridge is buzzing with happiness over the news the Bagel Story will be selling  Van Leeuwen Ice Cream on Third Avenue. (This is not a Van Leeuwen scoop shop).



van leeuwen in bay ridge


Bagel Story at 8501 3rd Avenue divided up their space and made a walk-up counter named Scoops n Cookies that people can pick up their ice cream. 


Van Leewen Bay Ridge



Other vegan ice cream is sold in Bay Ridge now too – see here

Van Leeuwen is a Brooklyn company and they make the ice cream in our borough! Bagel Story  bought a few flavors of the well known ice cream. 

The Bay Ridge Menu was shared!  But a lot of the flavors are crossed out because they are not available.



Van Leeuwen has flavors for vegans and they make some non-dairy flavors as well,  for people who are lactose intolerant.




Whole Foods sells Van Leeuwen ice cream pints for $8.00 – $10.00, but if someone is lactose intolerant or vegan, they are used to paying more for specialty items.




Last year, The Coop, which has since gone out of business, had their ice cream.  (See here)



Van Leeuwen’s  strawberry ice cream is very good.


Some people complain that this is a “hipster-type place.”  Don’t worry about it – be like the hipsters and enjoy the ice cream this Summer!




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