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  • April 15, 2017

    Gluten Free Restaurants in Bay Ridge and Brooklyn

    gluten free bay ridge

    Bay Ridge Restaurants with Gluten Free Menus or Good For Those with Allergies:  

    OMG there is an amazing new place in Bay Ridge called Beets and Carrots. It’s at 9905 – 3rd Avenue.  

    1) The Coop  9504 4th Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11209. They substitute bread with a corn tortillas.


    2) Tanoreen – they have a lot of items on their menu that are marked gf  – 7523- 3rd Avenue


    3)Baya Bowls  9417 3rd Ave., Brooklyn, New York 11209 – juices and acai fruit bowls


    4) Nature’s Grill  7417 3rd Avenue – Gluten free bread for burgers


    5) Gourmet Fit Organic food and drinks. 6819 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11220 *Gluten Free Pancakes*


    6) Coszcal de Allende Mexican Restaurant -6824 3rd Avenue 718-921-3523


    7)Spartan Souvlaki – Greek food – Pork/Chicken Skewers or lamb chops. If you have an allergy, tell them because they know about allergies and can make recommendations – very nice people. Two locations – Spartan I is at 6820-8th Avenue (I still love to go and sit down in this place) and Spartan II is at 8303- 3rd Avenue


    8) Istanbul – Turkish cuisine (be aware – use nuts) – 8002 – 5th Avenue


    9) First Oasis  Middle Eastern cuisine  9218 4th Avenue


    10) Bombay Grill – Indian cuisine – 8716 3rd Avenue 


    11) Pizzeria UNO’s 9201 – 4th Avenue. They use gluten free rolls and has gluten free pizza – see here for pics


    12) Bay Ridge Pizza – their gluten free pizza is really good. The don’t have dairy-free cheese (yet). They also have gluten-free vodka pizza and gf chicken Parmesan, but I haven’t tried those. 7704 5th Avenue 718-680-5405    Look:



    13) Nonno’s Pizzeria has a personal size gf pizza 12 inches  8816 – 3rd Avenue  718-238-6200.  The best gluten free pizza is said to be at Jimmy Max in Staten Island.  


    14) Bagel Schmagel has gluten free bagels. 7510 3rd Avenue

    15) The Family Store has some GF choices for take out. 6905 – 3rd Avenue 718-748-0207  

    16) Outback Steak House (slightly outside Bay Ridge) – ribs, sweet potatoes, beware of caesar salad with croutons  1475 – 86th Street



    Gluten Free Desserts in

    Bay Ridge or Nearby


    1) Bay Ridge Bakery 7805 – 5th Avenue  Bay Ridge bakery has a good selection and GF bread as well.

    2) Little Cupcake Bakeshop has a small selection – cupcakes. You may need to order these.
    3) Tasty Pastry 8218 – 13th Avenue – They have some in the freezer available every day. You can order the following gluten free pies and cakes: chocolate mousse cake, strawberry shortcake, flourless chocolate cake, cheesecake, apple, pie, apple crumb pie, and blueberry crumb pie


    4) Yo Sweets Frozen Yogurt 8410 5th Ave Brooklyn




    5) Clementine Baker – 395 Classon Avenue


    6) If you need gluten/dairy/soy/nutfree – there is  a place in Downtown Manhattan – see here






    Bay Ridge Church – St. Andrews has gluten free hosts.


    Gluten Free in Park Slope – see here




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