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  • August 13, 2015

    Parking for Rent in Bay Ridge



    Finding a parking spot in Bay Ridge can be a nightmare sometimes. Especially since Go Cars are taking your spot and not politician is putting a stop to it.   I am glad to see that the new buildings being constructed around here have apartments with parking spots. 


    Here are some places that rent parking by the month in Bay Ridge:


    Bay Ridge Municipal Parking 501 – 86th Street has monthly parking for $225 a month. Open everyday from 8 AM – 10 PM


    Stable Car Parking – 9201 – 4th Avenue – 718-921-1513    stablecar@aol.com

    Cars – $249.15 a month  or    SUVs – $294.45 a month  plus   10.375% parking tax 


    Century’s Department Store   415 88th Street   Brooklyn   11209   $18 max (good for parking when you leave on a trip and don’t want to park at the airport)


    Verrazano Service Center (BP Station)-  9111 – 4th Avenue  Brooklyn 11209

    12 hours $15

    24 hours $25   



    Brooklyn Market does not rent out spaces in their parking lot – parking is for customers only.


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