January 15, 2019

Parking for Rent in Bay Ridge



Finding a parking spot in Bay Ridge can be a nightmare sometimes. Especially since Go Cars are taking your spot and not politician is putting a stop to it.   I am glad to see that the new buildings being constructed around here have apartments with parking spots. 


Here are some places that rent parking by the month in Bay Ridge: 



1) Ovington Avenue:


Outdoor parking space available on Ovington Avenue between 3rd & 4th Avenue only for $250/month.   antoineh@optimumhealthpt.com or Francis at: francisr@optimumhealthpt.com






2) Bay Ridge Municipal Parking 501 – 86th Street has monthly parking for $225 a month. Open everyday from 8 AM – 10 PM only.




2) Stable Car Parking – 9201 – 4th Avenue – this is the parking lot between Harbor Fitness and Pizzeria Unos.  718-921-1513    stablecar@aol.com  Cars – $249.15 a month  or    SUVs – $294.45 a month  plus   10.375% parking tax 


3) Century’s Department Store   415 88th Street   Brooklyn   11209     $255 a month


4) Verrazano Service Center (the Gas Station)-  9111 – 4th Avenue  Brooklyn 11209

12 hours $15

24 hours $25   



5) The Bridge-Hamilton Building at 10031 4th Avenue had a huge sign that they had parking spots available. 


6) 7901 Forth Hamilton Parkway, corner 79th Street has a parking lot for $225/mo ($200 month if you pay for 6 months, $175 if you pay for 12 months).  Bus stops in front. Subway is about a 15 minute walk.


7) Jabour Realty often shares that they have parking spots for rent in the area.  This might be the simplest way if none are available while you are looking. 347-610-1640. 



8) 3rd Avenue and 54th Street has an enclosed lot for $180 a month – next to Menendez Grocery on the corner.




More parking in Bay Ridge here


Brooklyn Market does not rent out spaces in their parking lot – parking is for customers only. 


Sometimes jokes online are only half joking:









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