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June 10, 2016

Rent a Party Room in Bay Ridge and Nearby in Brooklyn


Many people have asked me – Where can I rent a place in Bay Ridge and have a party? Some of the places allow you to BYOB, some don’t. 


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Rent a Place and Bring the Food and Decorations Yourself! 


1. Trinity Church – 9020 – 3rd Avenue (Across the street from Foodtown) Contact: Charley 718- 680-2077- $100 for 4 hours – you have to clean up well here (take a picture before) and make it look the same. In your 4 hours you have to account for your decorating and cleanup time.  Can fit up to 40 people there. Books far in advance because it is so reasonably priced. No alcohol allowed here. *Take a look at the room before you rent it as it might need a lot of decorations.


2. Crossroads Christian Church holds up to 35 people – $150 for 4 hours  6921 4th Avenue  718-439-5098  4 hours – $150, up to 6 hours – $250 and up to 8 hours $350  They have a projector and sound board for AV equipment that you can use if you pay $75. This is a new fresh store front party spot. If you can’t picture where it is – the Bethlehem Lutheran Church is nearby on Ovington and 4th. 


3. Christ Church 7301 Ridge Boulevard  718-745-3698 – 4 hours for $500 – includes tables and chairs (no alcohol). This also includes use of their outdoor area as well (BBQ?)     


4. St. Andrew the Apostle Church   6713 Ridge Boulevard.  St. Andrew’s rents out the lower church – Kiernan Hall for private parties on some Saturday and Sunday evenings from 6-11 pm. It holds up to 100 people. $1000 includes set-up, clean up and lock up. Contact Fr. Greg 718-680-1010.  From their weekly bulletin:

saint andrews rents out room bay ridge


5. The Bay Ridge Jewish Center rents out a large room – but not on Friday nights and not on Saturday (think Sunday bridal showers or a Sunday birthday or anniversary party). The BRJC is at 405 – 81st Street (on Fourth Avenue). Fill out form here for more info.



6.John Hughes Knights of Columbus 1305 – 86th Street (718) 259-8840 – they do not rent their room out without their food/drinks. You have to purchase the whole party from there 50-60 people fit in the small room 110-170 fit in the large room. Either room it’s $40 a person (beer, wine and soda) or $50 a person (open bar). But they do have a menu without liquor – it’s called the bereavement menu and it’s $20.50 per person (no alcohol) – see the last page here


7. St. Finbar Church 1839 Bath Avenue – You can rent out the Msgr. Scanlan Parish Center – see form here.   All Non-Parish Organization and Civic Societies are required to compensate St. Finbar Parish for use of facilities at a fair and reasonable market rate. All negotiations are to be finalized by Fr. Gelfant prior to authorization of the requested event. Parish Organizations will be charged an Insurance Rider fee of $150 for certain events depending on their religious nature. Non-religious and civic organizations must supply and Insurance Certificate. See bottom of form


8.Lief Bar 6725 – 5th Avenue in Bay Ridge (718) 680-0016 rents the back which includes tables chairs, outside patio. Bring your own decorations & food. Drinks are bought from them. People rent it to have birthday parties or reunions. It actually looks nice inside.


9. Old Stone House – $350 for 4 hours ($100 for an extra hour). You can rent the room and bring in food. They have table and chairs that you can setup. The kitchen is very small and you can’t cook here, but there is a refrigerator and sink there. 


10. Knights of Columbus 349 Quentin Road (near McDonald Avenue) – Call Aldo 646-657-3272 – you can bring your own food and beverages. The place was renovated about 4 years ago. I have gone to several baby showers here and they are very nice. 


11. Knights of Columbus (Cavallero) 7211 20th Avenue Call: John 732-673-1788 – You can bring a bounce house here!      8 tables and 70 chairs – 2 bathrooms  – room fits: holds up to 70 kids with stuff and 80 people.  Cost: $525

Party from 2 pm – 6 pm or 7 pm -11 pm (come one hour before to setup and decorate)


12. Brooklyn Arts Exchange (BAX) 421 Fifth Avenue in Park Slope $350 for 2 HUGE dance studios-the whole 2nd floor. (718) 832-0018 or email rentals@bax.org You can see if it is available here: http://thebuilding.bax.org/


13.  Knights of Columbus 8122 5th Avenue  718-745-9175


14.The Lockyard  9221 5th Avenue  rents out their back outdoor space- Speak to Chris 718-333-5282



15.Danish Club – 741 65th Street –  (718) 748-7844  older room – see here


16. Widdi Hall 56th Street and 6th Avenue – area not too great, but people have parties here all the time. I have never been to a party here but the place always has music playing and cars outside.


17. Party Room 4824 – 4th Avenue (718) 857-7920 


$600 for 5 hours on Friday night or Saturday 12-5 pm. Can hold 74 people (chairs and tables included)

$800 for Saturday night 7 – 12 pm.


 18. Angel’s Party Hall   357 49th Street  347-965-6734

$1250 6 hours – all days. Tables, chairs and linens included.

Bring a computer to use their system.


19. You could have a party in the park – it’s free, unless you have more then 20 people – then you need a permit (and people do it without the permit, . See here


20. Moose Club  7711- 18th Avenue  (718) 256-7100  – $1000 to rent a big, clean room which fits 100 people comfortably for four hours. You must buy the beer, wine and soda from them – $8.50 per adult and $3 per child. You can use the caterers next door to the Moose Club (see C&C Catering here).  They have an old music system so you can not hook up an ipod (bring your own speakers)



21. Rent a kitchen loft in Manhattan for $150 an hour or $1000 a day. There’s another one at 158 Grand Street – $1000 for 8 hours


22. The Kidz Cooking Studio rents out space. It’s a large space – 800 square feet


23. The People’s Playground in Coney Island rents out two spaces – neither is cheap, but I am putting it here because someone may need a unique party spot.


24. I wonder if OLPH School would rent out St. Gerard Hall   





Restaurants in Bay Ridge with Reasonable Brunch or Party Menus


  1. Greenhouse Cafe has a 30 person minimum and is $42/person for their Brunch buffet. Plus tax and 19% gratuity.









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