January 12, 2020

Two Men Were Stabbed Near Dyker Park


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Peter Tozzi, 42 and Pedro Ramos,  37 agreed to meet at Dyker Park to settle a dispute. (Source) Tozzi brought his friend, Angel Algarin, 46 as backup.

Tozzi was stabbed by Ramos around 5:15 pm.   The park was full of people because it was a warm day! 

The news is reporting that the  dispute is parents fighting over a dispute between their teenage daughters had in school.  (Source)  The Post reports that it was bullying. (source)


Pedro Ramos and his friend, Kim Kelly, 35  were seen running to their car and getting a knife. (Source)

Peter Tozzi was stabbed in the neck and the chest.  Angel Algarin was stabbed in the leg.

The Post reported that  Tozzi was taken to NYU Lutheran Hospital for the more serious injuries. Angel was brought to Maimonides Medical Center for his leg.  See here




Update:  Ramos and Kelly were charged with attempted murder, cops said. They were awaiting arraignment Monday night.


The Citizen App showed videos of the police in the area:




Two Men Stabbed @CitizenApp

Bay 7th St & Benson Ave 5:20:05 PM EST







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