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March 12, 2018

The Bills No One is Writing for Bay Ridge



The lot at 9114 -5th Avenue in Bay Ridge was spoken about at the Community Board 10 Meeting.  From the picture, you can’t see how large this property it, but it is really a package of properties:  9114-9116 5th Avenue and 411-413 92nd Street (on the next block across from Pizzeria Unos – see here)  


You can get a sense of how big this parking lot is by looking at the overhead view here  And see the property price tag here.


This property should have been a school. It’s across the street from PS 104/IS 104. The mayor is always saying they are looking for properties – How did it get overlooked if there is a whole team of people searching the city for property?? It could have been an early childhood center.  


Josephine from Community Board 10 said there isn’t anything the community can do as long as the owner is building within the limits.  Josephine said they are thinking of putting 64 hotel rooms in this area. That’s enough room for a school! Many schools are on a lot smaller properties.


Yet, more has been found out…..The new owner of 9114 has a hotel and it is being used for the homeless because the city pays $$$.  While Councilman Brannan says there are no plans for a shelter in Bay Ridge, this is a hotel that the owner can submit to house homeless if he chooses.



Why hasn’t Senator Golden written a bill to stop Bill deBlasio from using any further hotels for the homeless? I can’t use my house as a hotel – so why should a hotel be able to compromise it’s use and be a shelter?


Assemblywoman Pamela Harris who represents that area isn’t going to write a bill because of this.


DOES THIS DEVELOPER OWN MARTY GOLDEN?  WHY IS HE SILENT?   Usually Malliotakis and Golden LOVE beating down on deBlasio…..so why wouldn’t they have written this bill already?


When parents find out this “hotel” is going in across the street from their school, they will be annoyed and eventually vote Golden out.



The hotels are built for tourist and to encourage tourism, not for the city to make a new career of  hotel owners who exploit the city system to get homeless dollars.



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