January 29, 2018

Super PAC Spent $60,482 on Quaglione’s Campaign





Journalist, Kadia Goba told us that John Quaglione was backed by money from a super Political Action Committee (PAC) of realtors.   In November, there was no way to tell how much they spent on Quaglione, but now the campaign finance report shows: $60,482.00





What is Progress Now New York? It’s a real estate super PAC (Political Action Committee) for the Real Estate Board of NYC which uses the acronym REBNY.




John Quaglione Backed By PAC



Quaglione claimed he didn’t know anything the Super PAC .



I learned about REBNY a few years ago, when I researched how Mark Treyger got into office.  REBNY backed Treyger’s campaign with $267,000. Campaign Finance showed even more……Coney Island is a hot area.   Treyger also claimed he didn’t know anything the SuperPac. If you see Coney Island now, you know Treyger is owned. Treyger been a Councilman for 4+ years now and he continues to claim that deals were made before his time and he doesn’t nothing to stop them.   When Coney Island Creek was flooded with pollution, Treyger really didn’t do anything.  The company polluting the Creek was fined 400K, but that probably isn’t enough to clean the pollution.




Here’s the page from the Campaign Finance Board where it shows $60,482







Thank goodness Quaglione didn’t win. 


I am thankful for Kadia Goba because other publications in Bay Ridge did not write about this.




When I sent people this link they were shocked because they supported Quaglione and they didn’t know!  That’s why it is good to follow the money.


In the future, voters should always say no to Quaglione – no matter what he runs for!




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