April 13, 2018

Rosie O’Donnell Threw Her Money at a Man Who Just Moved Into Our Area to Run for Congress




Rosie O’Donnell  made a $2700 donation towards a man who just moved into our area. O’Donnell didn’t bother to check the candidates from the area.  I asked Omar Vaid why he was running in Bay Ridge and not Williamsburg.  He wouldn’t respond.


Ridiculous!  Story here   


If Rosie O’Donnell wanted to help communities, she would have looked into the Fight Back Group for Bay Ridge or Staten Island – most communities have them since Trump became President.  The Bay Ridge Fight Back organization made this NY 11 Voter’s Guide. Omar Vaid chose not to participate in it, even though he was asked and it was free. If Rosie knew that, would she have given him the money?



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