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May 9, 2018

RIP Richie Capichano, Owner of C & S Jewelers


If you live in Bay Ridge, you know who Richie is. Richie owned C&S Jewelers on 3rd Avenue and 94th Street.


I didn’t know he passed away last month. I saw his store was closed and I asked the shops nearby, but they didn’t know anything. Today, I saw flowers outside and one of them told me Richie died. 


I knew Richie many years before I moved to Bay Ridge. He was a good jeweler and could design anything you wanted for a fair price. When I bought my house here, I was excited to go in and tell him that I was moving nearby….but that I had no money for jewelry because I was paying a mortgage!



He also could fix any piece of jewelry and make it look like it was never broken.  Richie created a piece of jewelry exactly like a picture I drew. His prices were fair and sometimes he would throw in something extra. More important though was that he had a relationship with his customers. He remembered me every time I came in and he asked about things that we last spoke of.






RIP Richie…..you were such a sweet man and we miss you a lot!


Update 10/18 – Richie’s son posted about the store.  I noticed  Richie’s FB Page was memorialized.



I had hoped his family was going to keep the store open as he was in business for 45 years.









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