Jetskiing in Brooklyn

Jetskiing in Brooklyn


1) Empire City Watersports 1900 Shore Pkwy Brooklyn 11214?   917-708-3813 (Right after Adventures Amusement Park – the old Nellie Bly for us old folks)

Jetski tours – good reviews on Yelp   50% Groupon – it’s still expensive – not too many people jetski in NYC so they can make it $$)  Good gift :)



2) Jetty Jumpers 3939 Emmons Avenue   Brooklyn 11235 917-734-9919  

To ride as a passenger you must be at least 16 and be accompanied by a parent or guardian on the same ski.  You must be 18 years old to operate a jet ski on our tours. If you are 14+  have your boating safety education certificate, you can operate a jetski with a parent or guardian.  

They do tours on sit down jetskis (can hold two people) $175…..but there’s a Groupon for $79.00

The tours are of Brooklyn coastline – Coney Island, the Verrazano Bridge OR the State of Liberty (which looks amazing but is more expensive because it is longer – 3 hours and not part of the groupon)

They have a photo package for $25.00 – they get shots of you riding and e-mail them to you the next day (better than a selfie). 

They don’t go out on rainy/bad weather days – so if you book it then, it may be cancelled.



2) Rockaway Jetski also rents jetskis but they are expensive.


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