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  • February 18, 2017

    Peter Abbate Is Playing Politics to Get a Bigger Retirement Check

    In November, Assemblyman Peter Abbate said:

    Abbate KNOWS Bay Ridge has Justin Brannan. He knows Brannan is experienced and well loved in Bay Ridge because he’s been helping his neighbors for years!

    It’s obvious that Abbate is playing politics because he wants the $145K salary before he retires so his retirement check can be beefed up. If Abbate wanted to be our councilman, he would have ran for the position YEARS AGO. Justin Brannan is known as the Mayor of Bay Ridge and he goes out of his way to help residents. Brannan is at every Bay Ridge event because he loves Bay Ridge. 



    This December, Abbate threw some money to a company to produce some personalized Christmas cards. The company used a strange stamp to represent a company (which hasn’t been in business for years). Bay Ridge got blanketed with Christmas cards from a man that never did anything in our area. Abbate didn’t even know how much the company charged him for the cards.  I don’t think anyone in Bay Ridge wants to see money wasted like this. We want to see money going to schools and funding community projects.



    Yesterday, Peter Abbate announced he is running to be my Councilman. SMH.  You would think he would want all the publicity he can get, but when a Kings County Politics writer reached out to him:





    And that is the type of councilman Peter Abbate will be – a non-responsive one. I personally tried to contact Mr. Abbate in the past and his staff doesn’t  respond at all, even to say they received the message.



    Go back to sleep Peter Abbate.



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