October 9, 2018

Pearson Hardware in Bay Ridge is Closing




Pearson Hardware is at 7305 – 5th Avenue. We are so sorry to hear that this great local hardware store is closing it’s doors for good. We heard the rent went insanely high.


One Winter, no one was selling ice melt and Pearson’s had it! There was a salt shortage that year. We called Lenny and asked him to hold a bag for us. When we finally got to the store, he really did hold the bag for us as other customers were waiting around just in case we didn’t come to get it. 


This was the location, but not the same hardware store in the movie Saturday Night Fever.




This hardware store was called 6 Brothers Hardware back in the day. Those owners went to a smaller store years ago.


Good luck to the owners – thanks for being a great business in our community.




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