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May 1, 2016

Pam Harris’ Closed Office in Bay Ridge

Six months ago I voted for Pam Harris for Assemblywoman. Yesterday, I tried to contact her online and noticed she doesn’t share an e-mail address online (SEE HERE).  Today we went to the Assemblywoman’s office in Bay Ridge, but there is no office!  In September 2015,  Kings County Politics wrote that Harris opened an office at 8525 – 3rd Avenue.  (But I guess they were spoonfed that information and didn’t check to see if it was true). 



pam harris september 2015



At  8525 – 3rd Avenue today, there still the awning of an Arabic shop that closed last year.  There is no sign of Assemblywoman Harris’ office at this location. You can also see the sign in the door is from the old business.  



bay ridge pam harris assembly woman  


If Pamela Harris rented a storefront in Bay Ridge,  wouldn’t she have thrown up an awning or some sign that that said “I AM HERE.”   We looked inside the shop and it appeared empty.  



pamela harris bay ridge assemblywoman  


The “supposed office” is a strange spot behind a bus stop (see pic below). If you are in Bay Ridge, this is across the street from the new Pearl Room on 3rd Avenue between 85th and 86th Street.  


pam harris office bay ridge assemblywoman  


Online I found that at the December 2015 Community Board 10 Meeting, that Harris said the Bay Ridge office was being  made handicapped accessible.  It’s five months after this meeting and there is no office here.  


pamela harris said her office in bay ridge



Could it be that Mrs. Harris provided everyone the wrong address?  I don’t think so, but I will update this if I hear differently.  


Bay Ridge gets such poor representation in our state government offices, so Ms. Harris should have made sure she was set up here by January at the latest. If more than 6 months of construction needed to be done on the office, she should have chosen another location or opened it without it being handicap-accessible and then had work done on the weekends when the office was closed or hired someone locally to do it fast. If someone was handicapped and went to the office, Harris’s staff could have met them outside. But there is no office here in Bay Ridge for anyone to go to!


 In November 2015, Pam Harris wanted our vote. In May 2016 , Ms. Harris has shown Bay Ridge that she isn’t even motivated to open office and hear from  Bay Ridge residents.  


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One Response to “Pam Harris’ Closed Office in Bay Ridge”

  1. Chupacabras Says:
    May 9th, 2016 at 12:15 am

    Regina-Potter, who has run for public office on numerous occasions, was the better-known name in the Bay Ridge-Dyker Heights section. Harris had never run for public office before.