June 26, 2020

NYC Office of Nightlight Doesn’t Social Distance




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For most people, social distancing means standing 6 feet away from anyone you aren’t in quarantine with.


It doesn’t mean that you can put on a mask and hug or take selfies. I haven’t seen any changes in social distancing protocols, have you?   

Ariel Palitz from the mayor’s office came out. She’s in charge of nightlight. This graphic is coming from her office:


I would think she would be the queen of social distancing. Why would she be interested in taking selfies with politicians? 

See more of her pics here


It seems like the people who should be teaching about social distancing don’t understand it.  


Ariel Palitz also shared this picture of the Mayor, his wife and other politicians/city employees being wayyyy to close…..hugging?




Why wouldn’t one of them speak up and say, “Heyyyyy we are way to close.”






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