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August 9, 2018

NYC Loses Under Corey Johnson


Shoe/Socks off – she’s all in for her neighborhood


Yesterday, NYC Council votes to rezone Inwood (info). The people have been protesting against this A LOT. Why? Because the plans hurts minority communities – they always do.


NYC loses each time NYC folds to developers. In areas like Sunset Park in Brooklyn, people  are treated the same way as those in Inwood – as if they don’t matter. Sunset Park is also a similiar ethnic makeup to Inwood.



Inwood’s Ethnic Makeup


Sunset Park’s Ethnic Makeup




My family owned property in Downtown Brooklyn (near Macy’s – off Fulton). NYC played the same game with us as they tried to use eminent domain illegally on business owners in the area. My family invested with their friends when NO ONE wanted to be in Downtown Brooklyn. For years, the business owners banned together and fought to secure their street while thieves were always trying to break in.  The city’s plans were to bulldoze our neighbor’s property and put in a huge park. That never happened. In fact, nothing that was in the original NYC city plan ever happened. What did happen is that employees of NYC slipped into private businesses and their inside knowledge helped developers have a  land grab. Downtown Brooklyn has now been gentrified, which we believe that was the plan all along.


When NYC Council comes together – they vote together against residents. It doesn’t matter who the Council Speaker is, they are all the same.  Communities should belong to those who invested and took the time to build it, not to developers who made under the table deals. The community of Inwood wasn’t the only loser today – all of NYC lost under Corey Johnson today. When will NYC have leadership that reflects the people rather than the developers?


Below is a photo circulating of Johnson playing volleyball in his socks.


Notice the woman in the top picture is standing on the pole in NYC with no shoes or socks…..sometimes people are ALL IN and will put everything they got into their community and sometimes people just want to take a photo.




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