August 18, 2018

No Quarter Tavern Closed Due to Gang Violence



Last night at the 5th Avenue FACE/Shindig Summer Stroll – whatever it is called, I noticed the gates were down on No Quarter Tavern at 8015 5th Avenue.




No Quarter had become a hang out for some gang members. In February, there was reports of guns fired


At the last Community Board 10 Meeting, the owner of the bar spoke about all she was doing to keep the bar safe and  change the atmosphere of the bar so the gang members wouldn’t be interested in No Quarter Tavern. On August 1st, she opted to close No Quarter Tavern due to gang violence.  My heart hurts for her.  Owning a business is a lot of work and add to that fighting off a gang isn’t a lot of fun.




RIP No Quarter Tavern. May the owner have tremendous success in the future.



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