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July 13, 2018

Nicole Malliotakis Lied to Channel 1 News




Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis lied to Channel 1 News. Reporter, Jeanine Ramirez shared that Nicole Malliotakis “blocked constituents on social media because constituents used profanity or abusive language.”


I have never used profanity on social media. 


In 2014, Nicole Malliotakis blocked me on Twitter after I pointed out that she had taken credit in a local paper for another Assemblywoman’s work (see tweet below).  I blogged about it here.




At the time, I called Assemblywoman Malliotakis’ office and she didn’t call me back.  Even her staffer, Paul Marrone, felt bad when I called back to confirm Malliotakis received my call. The tweets are dated so people can see this.





Nicole Malliotakis didn’t want to be challenged on her practice of press release politics, so she blocked me on Twitter. She also deleted her tweets to me.  Other residents who challenged Malliotakis when she ran for Mayor were also blocked – they didn’t use foul language either.


This year, after blogging about Malliotakis’ lack of involvement in Bay Ridge, Malliotakis’ representative at Community Board 10 Meetings in Bay Ridge accused me of bullying in retaliation. LOL…. I can’t help it that Malliotakis doesn’t do much here.


Malliotakis’ representative didn’t understand that blogging sites allow someone to set the date/time for when writing is published. He believed I was writing the blog while I was at work. I tried explaining how WordPress works, but he couldn’t understand/didn’t want to believe he was wrong.


I blocked him and weeks later, he wrote to me under another account. Assemblywoman Malliotakis did not step in or apologize for her representative’s outbursts on her behalf. 


I’m not sure why he continued to visit my blog,  as her upstate office seems to have taken care of that (see log below):



Although I didn’t sign the petition, I thank Fight Back Bay Ridge and other groups for holding politicians accountable in this community. 



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