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May 17, 2017

Nancy Tong – The Revenge Candidate Doesn’t Know Bay Ridge


Nancy Tong spoke at Lobo Loco and showed she knew very little about Bay Ridge, it’s problems and people.


Nancy Tong doesn’t live in our area. She lives in Mark Treyger’s district, so she should be running against Treyger. When asked why she was running for office in our area, she played politics and had an attitude too. Tong is the revenge candidate and carpetbagger of this election.


I have never seen Nancy Tong do anything in our area or even attend any of the events in Bay Ridge. Also,  I don’t know anyone she has helped. I’ve only seen her as the silent sidekick to Bill Colton in a few pictures. 


Tong worked part time for eight years for Assemblyman Colton. Colton doesn’t represent our district, but he and Treyger are playing games (more about that here).  


Tong spoke in general terms and didn’t mention Bay Ridge throughout her speech. She said the problems are the same in every district.  


When asked how she would reach out to the Arabic/Muslim community in Bay Ridge, she said, “we have those kind of people in our office….I’m friends with them. How will I reach out to them, I haven’t thought about it.”  REALLY? Didn’t Tong do any research on Bay Ridge?



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