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May 19, 2018

Mike Long is Owned by the NRA





I tweeted Mike Long that this morning. 10 are dead in the Texas shooting yesterday. The NY Conservative Party Headquarters has taken around $65,000 over the years from the NRA. Long is the head of the party and as recent as this past Summer accepted money from the NRA.  He must either really love the NRA or he thinks the Conservative Party is so desperate that it needs $3,000 from the NRA. 


Remember Long doesn’t think anything is wrong with the NRA:


The NRA are experts on guns and can easily ask for common sense legislation to protect the whole country, but they don’t because they are busy controlling politicians like Long, who in turn control other politicians. This year, we have more more students and teachers in America killed than active duty military deaths. 


If Long can callout to Curtis Sliwa about joining the Conservatives and Republicans, then he can call out to the NRA for national reform as well. 


Fran VellaMarone is the treasurer for the NY Conservative Party and also the Brooklyn Conservative Party Vice Chair.



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