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June 25, 2018

Marty Golden’s Secret Corner in Brooklyn



Since November 2016, there has been a video online of a traffic problem that takes place on the corner of 80th Street and Colonial Road in Bay Ridge. More than 8,000 people have viewed the video on Twitter. In the Spring of 2017, CBS News carried the story and showed nothing changed on that corner. 





Why hasn’t that corner received a light or some kind of remedy? Are we waiting until someone is hurt there?


The real reason is because  Marty Golden lives down the block from THAT corner.  Yes, Golden lives right there.






Marty Golden wouldn’t want a light on that corner because that would slow down his ride home.  It’s obvious what that corner needs, as very few people are stopping for the stop sign.  Golden’s a coward and didn’t say a word when that video came out on the news. He never offered to fix it and he never said he lived RIGHT there. 


Golden hasn’t done anything to help ensure the safety of the families on his own block….for people he sees every day.  So why would he help any of us? If you are a cyclist, you need to know this politician is a dead end. 


Last week, Senator Golden was in Albany and he fooled the people into believing he was supporting a bill to add more speed cameras around schools. They reduced the number of speed cameras because they wanted to get Marty Golden to vote for the bill (yes they compromised and Golden wasted their time). Golden told Brooklyn residents he was going to fight for this bill. We have watched Marty Golden for a long time. We knew that he was playing politics and would never rally for that bill. Why? The bill wouldn’t benefit Marty Golden or one of his cronies. 


Marty Golden presented these four bills for the tobacco industry in January this year, so he has no time for safety bills. Golden has been known for his pay-to-play bills





Why would Marty Golden vote for speed cameras in school zones when he received 14 violations for speeding in school zones since 2014?  We have just began 2018 and already Golden has received three violations for speeding in school zones since the start of 2018.   Golden believes he is above the law.


The open roads of Bay Ridge are the Wild Wild West for Marty Golden. 


When it comes to children, the adults in Bay Ridge see all of the children here as ours. We have good schools here because the parents will do anything and everything they can because this is their community. 


People should have enough common sense to slow down in a school zone, but many don’t. The cameras are a necessary deterrent to anyone who has no regard for children. Although Senator Golden may not care how many tickets he gets, NYC data has shown that most people who got a speed camera ticket didn’t get a second one.


Last week, Commissioner O’Neill came to Bay Ridge outside of PS 264 (4th Avenue and 89th Street) for a press released where he asked the politicians in Albany to vote for the speed cameras. The head of the NYPD made an outspoken signal to Marty Golden.  Golden didn’t rally in the senate to get this bill passed. The Commissioner said speed cameras save lives. Have you ever seen Marty Golden ignore the NYPD? Well, that’s because the PBA is padding Golden’s pocket. Commissioner O’Neill’s request was ignored because the Commissioner doesn’t know he has to pay-to-play. When a politician isn’t working with the NYPD, it’s bad news. 



People can’t expect Marty Golden to impose laws for safety when he doesn’t abide by the rules of the road.  Years ago, Marty Golden hit an elderly woman with his car, we would think he would be a lot more careful, especially in school zones. He can’t be in a rush all the time – he’s not a doctor.


On Twitter, a man who runs the emergency room in our district spoke out against Senator Golden. Take a look at his tweet and the comments below it, he did not take a position in the election, but wanted Senator Golden to pass the law for people’s safety.  He’s still holding out that Senator Golden will do the right thing. We’re not. Golden left this bill undone on purpose because he benefits from it.


Normally, when a resident calls a politicians office, the politicians staff will take a message and be very polite. Golden has been stopped representing Bay Ridge for a long time. When a resident called Golden’s office, his staffer  wouldn’t even take a message from the resident. The same thing happened when Mallory McMahon tried to arrange an appointment to speak to Golden about education. Golden’s staff cancelled the appointment and would not reschedule it. Marty Golden doesn’t feel he needs to respond to residents anymore. 




Bay Ridge deserves a Senator that is dedicated to this community. In November, join us in voting Marty Golden out of our senate seat.





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