July 9, 2018

Marty Golden Trolls His Opponent – Inappropriate



Today, Marty Golden tweeted this to his opponent, Andrew Gounardes:




This is a man writing this nonsense. I could understand if he was 16 years old, but this is just foolish.


Of course the tweet was deleted.


A fake account that opened  the day after Marty Golden wasn’t given the Reform Party line, has also called Gounardes a muppet  and here




Senator Golden is the incumbent, so why is he worried about Andrew Gounardes? All the tweets sent from the troll account were screenshot by RadioFree Bay Ridge – see here.


Last week something similar happened with Senator Golden.  Reporter, Julianne McShane saw Marty Golden’s tweet was deleted and an almost identical tweet appeared on another fake account within minutes. See here and here     


A resident happened to notice:





Andrew Gounardes responded to Golden’s stupidity with humor.





While this incident happened on a Sunday, the accounts were setup during the week and are used during work hours. This is why things don’t get done.





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