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November 26, 2017

Man Hanging from Verrazzano Bridge

The Man was Rescued – Alleluia!

Hopefully, he realizes he is here for a reason.

God saves people that he needs to help other people. So I don’t know who the guy is, but I do know he has something important to do here.


The Verrazzano Bridge lower level was shut down around 5:20 pm because a man hanging off the side of the lower level of the bridge committing suicide. Police boats surrounded the bridge


At a little after 5:00 pm, people driving on the bridge saw a man walking on the Verrazano and called the police. 


When it was reported that he was “hanging off the bridge,” people in Brooklyn thought he hung himself from the bridge with rope.   They didn’t understand that he was holding onto the outside of bridge.


Hopefully, the emergency crew can rescue him and he gets a second chance to realize he has a lot to live for.   * Prayers *



Video: here      Pictures: here


The last jumper on the bridge was almost two weeks ago on Monday, November 13th.  I keep track of the jumpers because eventually someone will convince a politician to put a fence or a net up around the bridge and stop wasting/resources and keeping cars on the bridge for hours while they recover the person. 


Update: The upper level to the bridge is open, while for almost three hours people sat in traffic and couldn’t get home because the lower bridge is jammed up.  Story here



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