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  • March 24, 2017

    Khader El-Yateem Not Active In Bay Ridge


    Today Khader El-Yateem put up a video of him offering prayers at Eric Adams’ protest against the murder of  TimothyCaughman (a 66 year old black man killed by a white supremacist in Manhattan).  Eric Adams always speaks out against injustice, but I’ve never seen El-Yateem with him (and couldn’t find any videos of El-Yateem at Eric Adams events).  Where hasn’t  El-Yateem been present to speak up about other black men that were senselessly murdered?  Why aren’t there speeches from El-Yateem about Eric Gardner?  Akai Gurley was from Brooklyn – wouldn’t Khader El-Yateem have made a speech for him?

    Does the potential of 145K salary make men show up for speeches?


    El-Yateem has not spoken out for people in Bay Ridge at times when his leadership could have been useful.  He’s a man who has been silent when problems arose in Bay Ridge and Sunset Park.  He is the father of girls and he did not speak out against young men from a Sunset Park mosque who were harrassing a woman.  That behavior is okay until it happens to your daughter or someone you know.



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