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August 23, 2017

Jerry Kassar Trashes Lucretia Potter in the the Paper

The Brooklyn Reporter has a on-going column by Jerry Kassar. This week, Kassar trashed Lucretia Potter. Yet, Jerry Kassar didn’t post a disclaimer that his co-worker,  John Quaglione is Lucretia Potter’s opponent. Both men work together at Marty Golden’s office.  That is not fair and ethically, it’s not right to do to Lucretia.


Home Reporter Jerry Kassar



But a disclaimer belongs before this section about Lucretia Potter:  


The bottom of the article also didn’t contain a disclaimer.





Potter posted a reply to Kassar on her site, but of course that isn’t going to be picked up by the Home Reporter.  


Lucretia Potter was the winner of the Republican Debate this past week. She was well-informed and well-spoken. She also expressed that she doesn’t receive backing from the Republican Party.  


This is not the first time I pointed out that Kassar’s column needed a disclaimer. I don’t know why the Brooklyn Reporter editor doesn’t check for this when articles are submitted.



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