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  • April 11, 2012

    I love Agrarian.com



    I love http://agrarian.com   This is Williams Sonoma new site which sells plants, seeds, gardening tools, chicken coops and even honey bee houses. Now naturally I can’t have a chicken coop in my Brooklyn backyard, but I love these charming seed packets and burlap wrapped plants:



     Have you ever wanted to make your own Ricotta Cheese? I am going to try to do this during the summer because I hear the cheese tastes great!


    Agrarian.com even has directions to make Kombucha


    Oh and this post is not sponsored by Williams Sonoma or Agrarian. I just LOVE gardening and I am very excited about their new site.  Have you seen my backyard?



    I grow my veggies on the other side of this yard. There aren’t any yet because Spring has just started in Brooklyn.


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