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  • July 3, 2016

    Is it a Hate Crime in Bay Ridge or Just Disrespect?

    Two young Muslims were attacked outside a mosque at 5213 – 3rd Avenue in Sunset Park,  Brooklyn.  I was told they were at the mosque doing community service, but now the complete story of what happened here came out. Ahmad Emrech said that he didn’t do anything against the guy (to provoke the fight) — see video here (Buzzfeed posted the story here)


    See surveillance video here   and  pictures here.


    The police say it is not a hate crime. Ahmad Emrech says it was a hate crime because the guy who beat him called him a terrorist. They woman in the car says that the boys were bothering her and reaching in the car at her.


    On  Tuesday, July 5th there was a protest to “stop hate crimes against Muslims.”  Wait it’s Eid and they are having a protest? (Eid is a time where they wear new clothes and celebrate after a month of fasting and declaring themselves to God (Allah). So for me, it’s like their Easter Sunday and I would never be joining a protest on Easter Sunday when God and my family need me.  The protest was held outside the mosque  but it looked like it was outside the Alpine Movie Theater that is next door because there was a lot of protesters.  And they marched in Bay Ridge even though the incident happened in Sunset Park.


    When I originally wrote this, I was very sympathetic as my students are Muslim and I don’t want anyone to be treated poorly in Brooklyn. The NYPD saw the tapes and said this incident was not bias related. Not one leader in Sunset Park or Bay Ridge can come out and say the truth about it though. It’s like they want hatred in the community.  When a young Jewish man bothered the Muslims in Bay Ridge, three rabbis came and apologized for the incident.


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