January 12, 2020

Gounardes’ Townhall Interrupted By Angry Parent

WARNING: There is a good amount of foul language in this video.



Senator Gounardes faced off with a parent.  Gounardes offered to discuss the topic with the parent after the Townhall, but the parent was very angry and she couldn’t hear him.



In the video below, you can see the woman.  You can also see the new Mrs. Gounardes trying to help smooth things over.





While the parent is initially angry because of the required MMR vaccinations, she brings up the nw Senate bill that will be voted on this year. It’s for a required HPV Vaccine for all 7th grade students (Senator Brad Hoylman’s bill – see here)   

Update: Channel 1 covered the Kids Townhall this evening. While the auditorium is mostly empty, the children there seemed to enjoy being heard. The children asked him questions about bullying, gun control, climate change and vaping. One girl said, “Kids have ideas too and they can understand what is happening in the world. They (Kids) can have ideas on how to fix it).






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