January 10, 2020

Get a Bus to Atlantic City From Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

Where can I get a bus in Bay Ridge to go to Atlantic City Casinos?


bus to atlantic city from bay ridge brooklyn


There are a lot of stops in Bay Ridge for the Atlantic City Bus: In the Winter months, there are buses at 9:30 am on every day but except Tuesday and Wednesday. Call SGS Travelscope to reserve your spot:  718-339-2928 



  • 69th and 5th (outside Mikes Donuts)


  • 3rd Avenue and 75th Street (outside of Ice Deli)


  • 3rd Avenue between 81st and 82nd Street – near Brooklyn Market.


  • 3rd Avenue and 92nd Street outside of the 916 Smoke – it used to be called Sapan Convenience Store (across the street from Foodtown).  (On the return trip, this is the first stop in Bay Ridge)




  • Everyone seems to love going with Arlene to Atlantic City. Those trips are on Sunday & Thursday only. You call 718 234-1888 and leave your name and what day you want to go. People say her rides down there are fun!



Where can you purchase a ticket for the Atlantic City from Bay Ridge?



These places sell tickets for same day return.



  • 9116 Smoke (formerly Sapan Convenience Store) at 9116 – 3rd Avenue. Their number is: 718-745-9135  This is  the candy store across the street from Foodtown (or three stores away from Panentico). It’s  $38 for a roundtrip ticket and then they give you either $35 credit at Tropicana or  $30 voucher for slots at another casino (you have to use that for slots – you don’t receive cash money back). The bus leaves Bay Ridge at 9:45 am  and then in the evening you have to board the bus in Atlantic City around 6-6:30 pm  and arrive back to BayRidge around 8:30 – 9:00 pm   This bus always runs Thursday to Sunday, but it also runs on some Monday, Tuesdays and Wednesdays (less likely in the Winter though)



  • United Mini Mart at 8123 3rd Avenue sells the tickets (3rd Avenue and 81st Street) it’s across the street diagonally from Brooklyn Market 




*Children are not allowed on the bus.


Other areas with buses to Atlantic City:


Sunset Park: There are coach buses that leave from here daily. You go on  58th and 8th Avenue (across the street from Chase Bank). The ticket is  $25 dollars and they give you $40 casino credits. The ticket is good for 3 days.


Dyker Heights:  75th and 13th Avenue


bus to atlantic city from bay ridge brooklyn


The Churches in the area also do trips regularly:


Saint Pats in Bay Ridge takes trips to Sands Casino every few months – 718-238-2600 to find out the next trip. 

Saint Ephrem Friendship Club is going on April 15, 2020. They go regularly to Sands Casino in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  Call  347-267-3644 (Cost $35 a person – get back $20 for slots and $5 meal) 

Saint Finbar – They go every month or every other month. Bus leaves at 9:00 am outside of St. Finbar’s church. 718-236-1407. Pay $35 – get $30 back.


Saint Athanasius Rosary Society goes to Atlantic City. $35 – get back $25 in slot credit. Barbara 718-331-8544 can tell you the next date for a trip. Meet at 8:45 am on Bay Parkway (bus leaves at 9:00 am sharp). Get to Atlantic City at 11:30 am. Enjoy your day. Meet at 5:30 pm for the bus. Arrive at 8:00 back in Brooklyn.



OLPH – Sister Lucille organizes it. $45 – get back $25 in slot credit. 347-603-3738 for the next trip. 


The Fort Hamilton Senior Center at 9941 Fort Hamilton goes to Bally’s regularly – they leave at 9:00 am, but you can’t park in the lot. $35.00 – get $15 for slots and a ticket to the show. Call Frank 917-971-7067. Bus leaves at 9:45 am.








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