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April 12, 2018

FIAO Membership Cost


FIAO is now selling memberships for their  gym, pool, basketball court and several classes.  This is not just a gym but a membership to the cultural center and all their activities. Go see it – it is beautiful! 


Individual memberships – $80 per month


If you buy a yearly membership is a bit cheaper ($1100, for 2 people for the year)


Family membership – $160 a month


$20 for a walk in class or you can get the monthly membership.


Deals Now: 

Family $168  $135 month discount price  (2 adults & 3 kids)

Couple – just 2 adults $108 which is 87 discount price

Senior   60 year  $58-47. discount price

Individual 30-up  $ 78-63 discount price

Youth 18-29 years   $68- 55 discount price

Teen   13-17 years   $58- 47 discounted price

Child    $48- 39 discount price


Mommy and me swimming classes coming soon.


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