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December 3, 2018

Eric Adams Wants to Rally Instead of Picking up the Phone for Store Owners




Eric Adams and Raphael Espinal want to rally…….instead of making a pot of coffee and and getting things done. Espinal also wants to be Public Advocate, but clearly he doesn’t know how to advocate for New Yorkers if he is going to make them stand outside on the steps of City Hall in the WINTER.,


Tomorrow evening, on the news we are going to see some NYC politicians doing some cheesy acting with some middle class store owners, who don’t want to be on camera, but don’t want to pay $6,000  $8,000 fines either. Instead of getting things done, politicians are using store owner’s hard luck for their own gain and media attention.

Borough President Eric Adams could have invited everyone to Borough Hall and had his staff make tea (Eric Adams probably doesn’t drink evil coffee anymore now because of his health kick) and then Adams could have called Commissioner Chandler of and gotten the situation straightened out…..and been the hero.

Eric Adams solutions to problems never comes close to solving anything! The situation just fades away and when it arises again, Eric Adams acts like it is a new problem that he has never seen before.  Example: Racism in Brooklyn let’s rally and ride the bus……three weeks later  Racism in Brooklyn – hey let’s rally….November 2018 – Racism/hate crime – press conference rally. This has been going on for a long time, but no one is watching him.

Please Democrats – do not put Eric Adams up for ANY other office. We didn’t appreciate Eric Adam’s endorsement for his crony over our new Assemblywoman (who deserved his immediate endorsement). I wrote to Adams and Eric Adams refused to remove his endorsement, even when it was obvious that the  people’s candidate was much more qualified. Adams and his cronies thought they could block a woman, but the people voted her in.

Adams is counter-productive to our neighborhood in South Brooklyn and I hope when his term is over (he’s term-limited this time), he goes to do something in the private sector. I would vote for Nicole Malliotakis before I would vote for Eric Adams….and that says a lot.





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