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September 13, 2018

Election Day and Snakes



If you came here on election day, you wanted my commentary. My position on candidates is already known.


I don’t support Democrats or Republicans, I look for candidates who support Bay Ridge and don’t have ties to the IDC or Mark Treyger. Treyger pushed Pam Harris on us and then cried about people complaining about Harris. After the FBI took her out in cuffs and right before she plead guilty,  Treyger was still defending her.


Treyger pushed Nancy Tong, his friend for many years, to run in our city council election. Tong didn’t live in this district, but jumped in the election anyway. Treyger saw we had Brannan and he would not back away. Tong and her family put up their time and resources for the election. Can  you imagine having a friend that awful?  Did Nancy know she was just a pawn in the Treyger saga?


Now Nancy Tong, Treyger, Ragusa, IDC Senator Savino and Corey Johnson are pushing another one of Treyger’s cronies. How does the man even run in the election when he knows Dr. Frontus is more qualified? 


BTW, when is Frank Seddio being voted out? I see your money Seddio….you weren’t brave enough to throw out an endorsement in my area  but I see  your that’s right Seddio I see  your money pushing a candidate funded by the IDC…..it’s time for Seddio to go. 





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