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July 12, 2018

Drunk Driver Caused Belt Parkway Accident



Yesterday morning. Aleh Sheipak, a 50-year-old Brooklyn man drove onto the Belt Parkway. The news reported that he had  a blood-alcohol level of .21 percent (which they noted was nearly three times the legal limit).


Shipak drove his 2011 Volkswagon SUV on the wrong side on the Belt Parkway (eastbound in the westbound lane) and hit a Honda sedan. The Honda was being used as an Uber vehicle. (Seen below)


(Picture from news….Can you imagine what force this car was hit with)


Twenty-seven year old, Gerald Obah was in the backseat of the the Uber and died. He was taking the Uber from the airport to his apartment on 34th Street in Manhattan. Obah had been in California.  This man had his whole life ahead of him and it was ripped away from him by someone who didn’t care.  Here’s words from one of Obah’s friends. RIP Gerald Obah. Prayers for his family and friends who must be devastated by this news.   



Sheipak was arrested and charged with manslaughter, vehicular manslaughter, vehicular assault, DWI and DWAI. The Uber driver and other passenger were taken to the hospital. More info here.



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