April 29, 2019

Does Nicole Malliotakis Think Bay Ridge Republicans Don’t Care About 9/11 First Responders?



Nicole Malliotakis is bringing a Texas Congressman, who refused to support the Victim’s Compensation Fund for NYC first responders on 9/11 to the Salty Dog in Bay Ridge.  I can’t imagine firefighters or the NYPD  being okay with that. Salty Dog’s owner probably doesn’t know Malliotakis is bringing this guy there.



Update: Bay Ridge resident, Mike DeCillis, a former EMT and first responder spoke out:


Mike DeCillis


Does Nicole think Republicans in Bay Ridge are stupid? Why wouldn’t she bring Crenshaw to Staten Island, where most of her supporters are?




First responders absolutely need to be taken care of if they worked in a location which made them sick. Many first responders are finding out about serious – even deadly illnesses years later, like 51-year-old NYPD detective Lisa Rosado.

I’m glad we can see online which Republicans in Bay Ridge are donating money and funding Malliotakis.

“Crenshaw has co-sponsored 41 pieces of legislation so far in his freshman term, and most have not cleared committee. He do-si-doed around that issue too.” (Daily News) Crenshaw is in Texas, so he doesn’t care about NY’ers. 

Here’s the big question: Whose funding Crenshaw’s trip here? That’s more money than Nicole will raise in the evening. Why not just give that money to Nicole?  I think they know Malliotakis can’t win the seat. Rose is a well-liked Congressman and a war hero. The only one who could beat him would be another war hero (with a clean background).

Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis only comes to Bay Ridge for photo-cops these days (parades, award ceremonies, etc.)  Bay Ridge has not seen her work in this community for a long time. Although Malliotakis has paid staff members who are supposed to do community; outreach; they don’t even attend the Community Board 10 meetings in Bay Ridge.  (See here)





Malliotakis hasn’t had an office in Brooklyn for four months, so we know she isn’t accessible to residents in Bay Ridge. Yet, the absent politician still claims to have an office in Bay Ridge on her website (see above).  Malliotakis hasn’t updated her site or even rented a desk and given residents time that she can meet with them. She knew since November when Golden was voted out that she would need to make alternative plans.


We have not see Malliotakis hold a Town Hall or any type of meeting at all here.  Even recent legislation for Brooklyn residents to get a bridge discount, Malliotakis did not sponsor.




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One Response to “Does Nicole Malliotakis Think Bay Ridge Republicans Don’t Care About 9/11 First Responders?”

  1. marlene Says:
    April 29th, 2019 at 7:55 pm

    Dear Dummy,

    Crown Heights residents can’t vote in our election. :)

    It’s common knowledge that I am a Republican.

    Nicole doesn’t have an office in Bay Ridge because she doesn’t want one. It’s easy to rent a desk and setup hours for residents to visit and speak with people. Malliotakis still lists Golden’s address on her website which she updates weekly. Since it has been discussed on social media, everyone is aware that Malliotakis lacks integrity. Even you couldn’t disagree with that because the address is still on her site!