January 11, 2020

Did Councilman Brannan Fool You Today?

Councilman Justin Brannan


Today, Councilman Brannan tweeted that it was 11 days into 2020 and there was no word about property tax reform. See tweet



Justin Brannan Worthless Tweeting


How do we tell Councilman Brannan to stop pretending that he is doing something about property taxes?  

In September, Brannan wrote an article for a paper  In December, Brannan was seen having dinner in Bay Ridge with Mayor de Blasio. See here   

Many electeds and political experts have said nothing is going to happen with property taxes this year, so  the guy who is having dinner with the mayor obviously knows as well.   Even Corey Johnson said it wasn’t going to happen to Crains. See here and here.

We’ve seen Brannan rally when stores (including his wife’s shop were fined) – see the passion here. 

Councilman Brannan is a lawmaker and has the ability to create a bill for homeowner.  Recently, we saw Brannan rallied for a property tax bill which wouldn’t help current home owners and a policy expert explained  will actually hurt long-time residents – see here.   Last month he was rallying for a drone bill, even though the technology is not trackable yet. See here

Are these tweets to fool residents? Notice that the tweet isn’t aimed at anyone (with a @ sign and a name), like Corey Johnson who formed this property tax commission with the Mayor twenty months ago. 

What this really says is that Brannan can’t be a Councilman if Johnson is the mayor – nothing will ever get done as Brannan doesn’t have the political courage to call our Corey Johnson for creating a property tax commission which has only delayed tax reform.   


Brannan is good with the 311 items, but when the issue involves working with someone else to get something done, he’s locked out. The illegal apartments issue is the same way – it’s not being handled 








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