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December 5, 2018

Community Board 10 Considers Bike Riders



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Tonight at 7:00 pm,  Community Board 10 met with residents and the NYC Department of Transportation.  Bike South Brooklyn encouraged bike enthusiasts to attend the meeting.




I love my car and if you asked me a few years ago about a bike lane, I would have said no way!

Now more than ever, more people are cycling around our neighborhood and we need to do something to make the road safer for them, especially young teens who don’t really understand how cautious they need to be around  4,000+ pound vehicles.  

Radiofree Bay Ridge shared what was said here. Read Dan’s writeup about the meeting here.



Making a covered bike lane that connects to the route to Manhattan and eventually over the Verrazzano Bridge is a logical choice. There’s a way to do this so everyone can use the road safely.

If you think we aren’t there yet, imagine a young Bay Ridge teen dying because he/she was riding from their home to their friend’s house and got hit by a car.  Yep we have to do something now – Bay Rigde parent agrees!  We’ve had some really lucky situations in Bay Ridge where young people have been hit by vehicles and survived. 

Thanks for staying late Community Board 10. I know my neighbors on Community Board 10 will  provide an amazing solution for the neighborhood (they always do). Plus our new Senator supports the Harbor Ring so a safe route for traveling is near.



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