July 9, 2019

Circles Cafe Closed – For Rent Sign Up



For months there was speculation on what was happening at Circles Cafe at 6931 3rd Avenue.

For the past few months, Circles restaurant was closed. There was an answering machine message that said there were electrical problems (we’ve seen that businesses that are closing frequently say this in Bay Ridge). Yet, they planned to re-open – see here.  Their website showed they planned to sell ice cream. By June, it looked like they decided to closed up – see here

Now the building has been closed up and there are “For Rent” signs on the building.

We’re sorry to see this place go. Circles had been in business for over 40 years at it’s old location. When that place closed, residents were so sad because so many people remembered going there with their family and friends.  Circles moved to the 69th Street and 3rd Avenue location last year – see here

Good luck Pierre – we hope you pop up some place in Bay Ridge in the near future! 


Where can you get thin pizza like Circles used to sell?  Firefly sells thin crispy crust pizza called Lentos Ghost. (Not exactly the same as Lentos, but it’s good). Firefly is at 7003 – 3rd Avenue




And a lot of residents are loving pizza newcomer, Lombardos at 279 71st Street.





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