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January 25, 2018

In Case You Need To Know….



Today, Nicole Malliotakis’ staffer wrote that I am posting on this blog and twitter ALL  DAY  LONG. I checked my social media account because I thought someone hacked me.


I realized her staffer doesn’t understand tech, but I tried to explain how websites set a date and time for articles. My husband wants to know why Malliotakis’ staffer  reloads this website so much?  If Nicole Malliotakis was an effective leader, she would monitoring her staff’s activities. In eight months, Malliotakis only had one message for Community Board 10


I write about politicians and corruption in Brooklyn.   I always link to an article so people know where that information can be found.  


When I moved here, I didn’t pay attention to politicians. And the politicians knew we weren’t looking so they helped people outside of our community. Marty Golden wrote a bill for developers in Manhattan and  Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis voted in favor of that bill.  Malliotakis is on social media and she went silent after her vote.  No one in Bay Ridge  benefited from Senator Golden’s bill.   


Then property taxes in Bay Ridge rocketed! Don’t get me started on property taxes!


The truth is:  we will be here long after the politicians terms are over.  This area deserves better representation and I will be here writing here at night – (it’s 12:32 am right now) until Bay Ridge gets that!  Finally, if you don’t like what I write about, don’t type the address anymore – its that simple.



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