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August 26, 2015

Cars 2 Go – I See Your Cars in Parking Spaces all over Bay Ridge

car 2 go bay ridge

Hey have you seen one of those cute Smart cars parked in Bay Ridge? Yeah I bet you have and I bet you thought. “Wow that car can fit in any tiny spot around here!” Have you also wondered why you don’t have a parking spark on alternate side day? Or why you can’t find a spot in Bay Ridge to go to dinner on the Avenue?

Lately, I have been seeing A LOT more of the little cars – several on a block. And I thought to myself…..could several people on the block have purchased the same car or is there a business leaving their cars all over our neighborhood and filling up parking space. When I walked up to a Car2Go cutey, I saw the sticker for the company. I went to their website and people can rent a car for about $15 an hour. You have to apply for membership and get a card to put in the car, but it looked pretty easy.

I went and downloaded their Car2Go app to tell me how many of these Cars were sitting on the streets in Bay Ridge. It’s Tuesday, August 26th and there’s about 40-50 Cars 2 Go in our neighborhood (depending on where you determine the neighborhood to end).    How is this business using our neighborhood as his parking lot? Why hasn’t any politician discussed this?   Here’s the Brooklyn Eagle’s article discussing it like it’s a new business on Third – LOL way to go Eagle – no mention of the parking situation.

Car2Go BayRidge


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One Response to “Cars 2 Go – I See Your Cars in Parking Spaces all over Bay Ridge”

  1. John Says:
    August 26th, 2015 at 6:37 pm

    I have seen them, but didn’t realize that they were taking so many spaces. I drive around looking for a spot sometimes for 40 minutes. What can we do about it Queen?