December 29, 2019

Councilman Brannan Joined a Bill Which Hurts Long-Time Residents


Councilman Justin Brannan

Justin Brannan Property Tax Bill Bay Ridge



On Christmas Day, an article came out in The Post about Joe Borelli’s property tax bill that Councilman Justin Brannan eagerly supported. Many people messaged me on Christmas, to tell me because they thought the politicians finally got it together and wanted to announce the property tax bill to residents on Xmas. 



The bill was written two years ago (see here) and wouldn’t help current property owners. Neither Borelli or Brannan did anything about this bill in two years either. I’m not sure why it was presented like it was a new bill or why the paper said “Borelli sent the proposed resolution to City Council Speaker Corey Johnson.”   It’s push on Christmas Day showed us politicians are just “playing politics.” 



Justin Brannan Property Tax Bill which will hurt long time home owners


Policy expert, Howard Husock from the Manhattan Institute took Borelli’s bill and broke down how dangerous the bill is, as it will punish long-time residents. See his Daily News Article Here  Husock explained how seniors will be the ones hurt by this bill! Finally, Husock asserted that actual property tax reform is needed and this bill shouldn’t be put in place of that. Thank God for people like Husock who are watching politicians and explaining how harmful their bills are!




Justin Brannan Joined Bill Which Will Hurt Seniors




Why would Councilman Brannan join a bill which would hurt long-time residents?  This is just politics to him and he doesn’t look ahead to see how bills are going to pan out.   This is the second time we have seen this (see here).  Politicians promoting nonsense in the newspapers needs to stop!

Today, Borelli went to Twitter and acknowledged Husock’s views (see here). Justin Brannan was silent! 


I think these two disingenuous politicians thought no one would notice their plug in the NY Post. Most pathetic was Councilman Brad Lander jumping on the bill.  Lander has been quietly benefited from low property taxes, so neither he or Mayor de Blasio want that to change.    



While Justin Brannan has had the ability to write a bill to stop the increase of property taxes in our area, he hasn’t. Brannan doesn’t have any bills about property taxes because it isn’t an issue of interest to him. Surprisingly, in January 2018, when Brannan first took office, he introduced a drone bill. How many of you in Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights and Gravesend need a drone bill?  (More information here).


These politicians are aware that nothing is going to be done about property taxes during the de Blasio administration. Brannan, Borelli and Lander are cowards and part of the broken system of NYC. 


When I shared this on Twitter, Justin Brannan had his staffer tweet me. The staffer then said he was confused on what I wanted Brannan to do. There is nothing confusing here! I was just as sarcastic back to the the staffer, who was confused by the placard-use earlier in the year. Strangely, Brannan’s staffer mentioned my career. My job has nothing to do with my right to speak up against the Councilman failing to do his job. 


The following day, Brannan sent a tweet saying I was lying!  I asked him to point out the lie and he went silent. Brannan didn’t like that I said he should have recused himself from pushing a bill, that his wife benefited from.  That is true!  How did NYC Council allow him to push a bill for himself?  I don’t know all the rules that govern this city, but c’mon!


This community has been bamboozled by newspapers and press releases for years. I have no reason to lie because my neighbors read this blog and need the truth.  We are stuck with Brannan and I will point out any time he plays politics on our community. While he may  help residents with things that need a 311 call, he is a lawmaker who has failed to help home owners in his district for two years!






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