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June 14, 2018

Bill Colton is Sleeping – Brooklyn


The students, parents and politicians protested this LAST weekend (before the protest, they held meetingS).  Assemblyman Bill Colton just woke up and is holding a meeting on June 16th. (Yes Really)

How did Colton miss this?   Here’s Colton’s “emergency meeting.”  Bill, the Assembly called off the vote…..No Emergency.






Assemblyman William Colton Mobilizing All Parents & Those Interested In the Quality of Education in NYC Protest Mayor de Blasio’s Plan To Eliminate the Specialized High School Admissions Test!

Come Express Our Disapproval   WHEN: Saturday, June 16, 2018 at 11:00AM   WHERE: 29 Bay 25th Street Brooklyn (Between 86th   Street & Benson Avenue)

Dear Friends,

I have been opposing the proposals to eliminate the SHSAT and  drastically change the criteria for admissions to our Specialized HighSchools and I will continue to do so.

Thanks to the huge number of opposing emails received by legislators, I am happy to tell you the attempt to rush this divisive proposal to a vote has been stopped, but not before the Assembly
Education Committee narrowly voted for it.

However, this will come up again next year. We cannot wait to act and unless we plan now to organize a massive campaign against it, we will face another serious threat to destroy these schools that are so important to our children.

This is why I am calling an Emergency Meeting for this Saturday June 16 at 11AM at 29 Bay 25 Street Brooklyn (between 86 Street and Benson Avenue) to plan how to save our children’s education and how to organize ourselves against this divisive and destructive plan and to improve the quality of education for all children.

Please come to this important meeting. We will have light refreshments and critical ideas as to what must be done to protect the education of all children in NYS. I hope to see you on Saturday,


Assemblyman Bill Colton
For further information call 718-236-1598 or email TO coltonw@nyassembly.gov


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