March 17, 2020

Bay Ridge Stores That Sell Masks – N95


Updated: May 16, 2020

In March, they said we didn’t need masks. On April 9th, they said we should all be wearing one!  But the N95/KN95  ones are the only ones that block the coronavirus. Then I saw the image above and it appears that the surgical masks may help (I have no idea because I am not a doctor).



N95 – this is the type people need




1) Met Fresh on 3rd Avenue and 96th Street sells the K95 masks at the front of the store. They also have hand sanitizer, alcohol, paper towels and toilet paper. This store has been consistent about restocking and we are grateful they are there.


2) Walgreens on 3rd Avenue and 95th Street has face coverings now. There are fabric type masks rather than surgical or K95s.

3) Bridge Pharmacy 8912 3rd Avenue has N95 masks 


4) Narrows Pharmacy on 4th Avenue and 100th Street has N95 masks

5) Village Market – 3rd Avenue and Ovington has KN95 masks for $5

6) Deli – 4th Avenue and Bay Ridge Avenue has KN95 masks for $4.00

7) A&V Pharmacy at 8501 4th Avenue has surgical masks – they do not prevent coronavirus.  718-238-1402    Surgical masks 25 for $20 or  KN95 (disposable – not N95 masks)  10 masks for $30

8) Nu Edge pharmacy on 77th and 5th Avenue has surgical masks for $1.50 each 


9) Farmacon Pharmacy at 5th Avenue and 80th Street has N95 masks – $10 – consistently stocked



10) Emaan Pharmacy on 5th Avenue and  73rd Street has face masks.  They have the simple blue surgical masks for $2.00       They have a mask with a filter but it’s not N95  – $15.oo   



11) Globe Drugstore on 86th st bet 4th and 5th Avenue has masks


12)Dll on 5th Avenue and 68th Street has surgical masks – 10 for $16.99


13) Nile Ridge Pharmacy- 6922-4th Avenue.  10 surgical masks for $10.

14) Teba Pharmacy at 7618 – 5th Avenue has 50 surgial masks for $50


15) Navarros Hardware Store on the corner of 3rd Avenue and 93rd Street 








Make your own mask – directions here







Dr. Oz


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