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September 14, 2018

Bay Ridge Courier Sold – No More News





It’s a sad day for “the truth in the news” in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Another paper closes down – without warning.   has gone dark. Schneps Communications bought CNG and its publications – story here


The Bay Ridge Courier had reporters who printed the truth.


Without that paper, we are stuck with the terrible reporting of the Brooklyn Eagle (although it has been a bit better lately).


Journalism doesn’t work the way it is supposed to in and for years we have been receiving press release politics through the   How does that work? Politicians like Marty Golden, Nicole Malliotakis, Mark Treyger and other politicians have been sending a report called a press release (with photos) to get printed. The story is printed almost in its entirety and the other side (or what really happened) isn’t investigated. Politicians count on that.


Other than press release politics, the reporters at the Eagle will rely on Facebook stories like a few parents complaining about fireworks on the Fourth of July:


Or an editor having professional integrity and not writing articles that kiss up to politicians: 



Yeah honest reporting is hard to come by.


Thank God for reporters like Kadia Goba, Julianne Cuba, Julianne McShane and Caroline Spivack who have always given us the truth – even if the truth is ugly. In our neighborhood we hold these reporters in high regard because the politicians have been getting over on the neighborhood for years.




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