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February 12, 2018

Bay Ridge Community Council – What Do They Do?



The Bay Ridge Community Council was established in 1951 and serves as an umbrella organization for its member organizations.


*This group is not elected by anyone. 



Mission: To promote the moral, social and economic welfare of the people living and/or working in Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights and Fort Hamilton.


Bay Ridge Community Council has:



  • Member organizations – yes this part is strange. The organizations listed on the linked page are members and someone can’t be a member unless they are a school or a block association or they make up a 503 association. 






What do they do?



  • In March 2018, the Bay Ridge Community Council organized a rally against the property across the street from PS 104 on 92nd Street and 5th Avenue because it may be building a hotel there (and the hotel could turn into a homeless shelter).  The rally looked like it was run by Senator Golden because of the way it was advertised and how it appeared on social media.



  • They have a Gala at the end of Spring to celebrate activism in the community. Here’s what 2017’s gala looked like.







  • They help out and donatee gift cards for the Christmas Party at the Army Base.





  • In the Spring, they honor NYPD and FDNY with awards.




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