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February 12, 2018

Bay Ridge Community Council – What Do They Do?



The Bay Ridge Community Council was established in 1951 and serves as an umbrella organization for its member organizations. (Yeah that’s not good…I’ll explain more on this later).


*This group is not elected by the public. This is important to note as it makes them the same as a Kiwanis Club or other community group…..but the name of the organization makes it sound like they are elected. Brooklyn used to have elected school boards in each area. This group may have an election within their organization because they have officers, but the officers have mostly stayed mostly the same since 2015.



Mission: To promote the moral, social and economic welfare of the people living and/or working in Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights and Fort Hamilton.


Bay Ridge Community Council has:


  • Board of Directors    




The president of the Bay Ridge Community Council told the paper these words which rang through out community.  (repeated here)



  • Member organizations – yes this part is strange. The organizations listed on the linked page are members and someone can’t be a member unless they are a school or a block association or they make up a 503 association. 



** Yet, in October 2018, I saw this message; “To join BRCC and to sponsor events, contact Ralph Succar, President BRCC – contactbrcc@gmail.com  But they only let people who are of member organizations join, so I wonder why they wrote that.





  • The Bay Ridge Community Council website 


  • Facebook for the Bay Ridge Community Council



What do they do?




  • In 2018, this will be the 66th year for window painting  (October 25th- Rain date October 30th). The windows look beautiful throughout the community.








  • They held a Gala at the end of Spring to celebrate activism in the community. Here’s what 2017’s gala looked like.





  • In March 2018, the Bay Ridge Community Council organized a rally against the property across the street from PS 104 on 92nd Street and 5th Avenue because it may be building a hotel there (and the hotel could turn into a homeless shelter).  The rally looked like it was run by Senator Golden because of the way it was advertised and how it appeared on social media.



  • In the Spring, they honor NYPD and FDNY with awards.



  • They help out and donate gift cards for the Christmas Party at the Army Base.




  • BRCC Photo Contest – Entrants must live, work or attend school in Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights or Fort Hamilton, or be a member of a BRCC organization. Amateurs only, no professional photographers please.Contest is open to students grades 5-12 and adults of all ages. One print allowed per entrant.


  • The advertisement for the Bay Ridge Community Council in the local paper says that the BRCC holds public forums on matters of community concern……we haven’t seen those….but maybe that’s because they aren’t widely advertised.





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