September 14, 2020

Bay Ridge Brothers Team Up With Lays Chips



The Fiorito Brothers have been doing the Blankets for Hope Project for several years. (See here)   Nick and Mike have been raising the bar every year to get more blankets to more homeless people across the country. Last year, their goal was to give away 10,000 blankets. (See here)  Their organization’s motto is: “Give a blanket, change the world.”


They started a few years ago by fundraising and then distributing new blankets to people in need.  Then their project grew and many groups joined them.   The brothers are full of life and joy. In a podcast, they stated that the secret to living is giving! See here

Lays Potato Chips teamed up with these Bay Ridge Brothers to help celebrate smiles across America as part of the #SmilewithLays campaign!





Their smiles and the Blanket of Hope story will be featured on five flavors and available in stores nationwide.





Make sure to grab a bag next time you’re out shopping so you can help them spread more smiles across the country!





It is amazing that the work of these two men are being supported by Lays! And the chip bags are fun!






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