October 15, 2020

85-Year-Old Woman Sexually Assaulted in Bay Ridge


The man is in police custody.



If you heard the helicopters today, it was because the NYPD were searching the parks for man who sexually assaulted a 85-year-old woman in Bay Ridge this morning.  (Story here)






This happened on 94th Street near Marine Avenue.  A man followed the woman into the laundry room at her building at 9:23 am. He exposed himself to her and attempted to rape her. This article says that another resident walked into the laundry room and interrupted the attack.  (I believe this was another woman from what I was told.)   The man ran off.  (Source)   



The incident was reported to the police two hours later.  That’s when it appeared in the Citizen App and Bay Ridge residents started sharing the incident.



The woman was taken to the hospital.    Hopefully, she is okay. 

The Post reported that the police ran a photo of the suspect from the surveillance footage through the NYPD’s facial recognition unit and tracked him down.  Great work!!  (See here)

See story and video: here



Not one politician or police officer mentioned this to  residents while this pervert was  running loose in our neighborhood all day. Why not put out a warning? Do you think Mrs. Brannan and Mrs. Gounardes knew about this? Of course they did.   

What about Captain Tolson at the 68th Precinct? Why didn’t he give us a heads up? 

The pervert could have passed you (or your kids) on the street. He could have attacked or went into another apartment.

Councilman Brannan and Andrew Gounardes decided to tell the public right before 5:00 pm. I could understand if Gounardes was in Albany and didn’t know, but the NYS legislature is not in session. These two didn’t think they should tell the public even when the helicopters were flying overhead all morning and afternoon?   




Get yourself the Citizen App. How will you know what is real on there? Your neighbors will post videos or pics – that’s when it is real. See here





Rape statistics are up in the 68th Precinct. This was  brought to Andrew Gounardes’ attention at a meeting in July. Gounardes made light of the statistics. The video from the meeting was never shared online because several mistakes were made. 








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