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July 20, 2018

An Open Letter to Eric Adams

Edit: Eric Adams answered on 7/22 


Eric Adams


Dear Eric Adams,


Hate happens every day. Recently, it was filmed on a bus from Bay Ridge to Staten Island. Your solution was to take some people on a “solidarity bus ride.” I’m sure you thought your one day of action cured the community. We’ve seen these “one day events” for years. These events make ‘pretty press releases’ and allow pols, like you, to get a new photo for your social media page. Mr. Adams, your ride was as effective as our long-standing  ‘Bay Ridge Community Task Force’ (aka The Breakfast Club)


Corruption ripples through our community from the top down. We had the very corrupt Pam Harris as our assemblywoman. You endorsed Pam Harris, even after journalists revealed the truth to this community in 2016. Obviously, that didn’t work out for us, as we haven’t had a NYS Assembly representative for some time.


And now you are endorsing someone again? You endorsed Ethan Lustif-Elgraby, who doesn’t have connections to this community. The Democratic District Leader, Mark Treyer, thinks it is okay to run his friends, even when his community asked him to do better. Do you realize that same district leader “played politics” and didn’t support our current councilman, Justin Brannan?


Please provide me with the endorsement letter you gave your candidate. As far as I can see, he can’t shine the shoes of the  outstanding woman, who you didn’t interview. I would like to know why you endorsed him. Ethan Lustig was silent as money was thrown at Pam Harris by your friend, Mark Treyger. My neighbors ate your candidate for dinner when he blamed everyone else for not following up on the money.


Last November, the Republican/Conservative Party played with our election (and they lost). Now we have what appears to be Democrats trying to use our community in deals for future election endorsements. Dr. Frontus wants to reform the government and make things more transparent – that’s what we need. Please take your personal politics out of our election. We don’t care that you want to be the next mayor – we have a neighborhood that needs representation.



The last Borough President was a lot more responsive to Brooklyn. He called me on a Sunday after I contacted his office on a Saturday evening. We deserve a Borough President who supports our community.


Update: I tweeted Eric Adams on July 18th. On 18th, my husband sent him a polite e-mail because he thought Eric Adams may not want to respond to a tweet without a first and last name. On 7/19, I sent another tweet to Eric Adams just in case the office didn’t give him the first one. On  7/20 – I posted this because enough is enough. Adams’ staff tweeted 8 times and no one responded.  I sent Eric Adams a tweet with the link to this page. It’s 7/22 and he responded in the comments (not to the e-mail from 7/18). The Borough President has a large staff – if they didn’t know the answer or he busy, they should have responded and said, “EA will answer you on Monday.”  It’s that simple.


Eric Adams reason for supporting Ethan Lustig is ridiculous




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One Response to “An Open Letter to Eric Adams”

  1. Eric Adams Says:
    July 22nd, 2018 at 12:24 pm

    I am not quite sure why, out of all the electeds who’ve endorsed, you chose to single me out. I endorsed who asked me and I approved of their dedication to moving Brooklyn forward. You can’t consider endorsing people that never ask you.

    In any case, you have a right to your opinion. Those in southern Brooklyn (including Bay Ridge) are aware of my role, including the millions of collars I’ve put into our school system for our engineering pipelines. And I am sure Justin Brannan, my friend and someone I’ve endorsed, will agree that showing symbols of outrage are crucial to fighting bigotry. It was bus rides that helped end segregation in the south. They were not photo-ops, but rather methods to draw attention to injustice.

    Finally, the reason you never received a return call from me over the weekend is because you never called me. If you text me at 1 AM I won’t call you the next day, I will call at the time of the text because I probably will still be working at Brooklyn Borough Hall.

    Best, Eric