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  • April 15, 2014

    Free Ice Skating in Brooklyn – April 17th – 10 am – 1 pm

    Some local politicians are having Spring Break Family Ice-Skating in Brooklyn – Amazing idea!  Abe Stark Skating Rink (1902 Surf Avenue - Get Directions)

    free ice skating


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    March 31, 2014

    Nicole Malliotakis Exchange

    I don’t understand how Nicole Malliotakis would write and tell me (or anyone else in Brooklyn) that we don’t know how Hurricane Sandy hurt Staten Island. Is she so out of touch that she thinks we weren’t there? Does she think our friends only live in Brooklyn? Half of Bay Ridge was in Staten Island, Breezy or Coney Island serving food, bringing supplies or emptying our friends homes of all their belongings. 


    malliotakis tacky


    Talk about facts Nicole. DeBlasio is actually trying to help people – meet him half way and stop criticizing him. Oh and since we are friends, Nicole, can call me the Queen of the Click or Queenie. It’s not that I don’t like my birth name, it’s just I haven’t used it in more than a decade. 

    Malliotakis didn’t like it that I pointed out that it seemed strange that she wasn’t aware of Deblasio’s plans / announcement. This was the tweet that proceeded it on March 29th:

    Malliotakis march 29th


    Hi iphone :)

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    March 25, 2014

    Celebrating An Anniversary


     Lee and I have been together for many years.  Today  is our  anniversary!

    When he called me this morning, he sang the anniversary song (it’s the Fred Flintstone version)

    When I came home from work Lee gave me a card and some presents. Inside the card he wrote: I love my life with you!  

    Tonight we are going to dinner.


    I am so grateful to God for this life and love !

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    March 20, 2014

    Happy Birthday to the best person I ever knew.


    Taken from the world too soon.

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    March 9, 2014

    Jobs for Teens in Brooklyn – Summer 2014

    Yesterday brought beautiful weather and everyone was out walking around on the Avenue. I ran into old students and their parents and a common question was: Where can I find a job this summer?  I spent my summers as a teen  in Long Island and finding a job there was simple. It’s harder to find a paid position in Brooklyn , especially if you wait to the summer to get a job. It’s also harder if you are 14 or 15 years old, rather than 16 or 17.   It’s harder, but not impossible.

    1) SYEP - it’s the program run by the city. SYEP stands for Summer Youth Employment Program. Many of my old students received jobs working at school programs during the summer. SYEP runs for 7 weeks, from July 5 through August 18, 2012.  Participants can work up to 25 hours a week and are paid at for  $7.25 per hour.  The selection process is a lottery system. Most of those students loved the work because it’s fun (you work with other teens and play games with little kids). April 25th is the deadline to apply.



    2) Red Hook Lobster has summer jobs (see their FB page)



    3) Burger King and McDonalds

    4) Older teens can find jobs as bank tells and store associates (at stores like Barnes and Nobles and Macys)

    5)  Most camps need camp counselors and junior camp counselors. Call some of your local camps and ask.  

        Park Slope Day Camp – junior camp counselor – age 17         

    6)  16 year olds can apply for: Jobs as Seagate Beach Club:  Cabana Staff, Bathroom Matrons, Counter People and those who are Red Cross certified can apply to be Life Guards (Pool and Waterfront). Those who are 18 year olds can also apply to be Security (front gate and beach)  (718) 372 – 4477 or send your resume to info@seagatebeachclub.com

    7) In the past, students between the ages of 16 and 18 can apply for the Brooklyn Borough President’s Summer Heat Program – there is a new borough president, so you have to check the site to see if he is going to have the HEAT program. Help Employ Ambitious Teens. More info on the program can be seen here.

    8) Lukes Lobster Roll Brooklyn Bridge Park location is hiring!   Part-time and full-time is available. Duties include preparing and serving seafood rolls and other simple dishes, taking orders and cashier work, opening, closing, as well as manning fun outdoor markets and fairs. We’re also looking for summer interns now, too!  Please e-mail Haleigh (hireME@lukeslobster.com) with your resume and a paragraph or two about who you are and why you’re right for the job. $10 an hour plus tips


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    March 5, 2014





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    March 2, 2014

    Ice Melt in Bay Ridge – Snows Coming

    People keep calling me and ask: “Where can I get ice melt in Bay Ridge?”   I am writing it here because I don’t want you to wake me tomorrow to ask where to get rock salt.  By the way there is a difference between rock salt and ice melt and if you are a home owner, you should know to get the ice melt because it supposeably doesn’t cause your sidewalk to crack and rock salt does.

    Ice melt in Bay Ridge:

    • Frank and Eddies’s 86th Street
    • Met Food on 96 and 3rd sometimes had small bags
    • Polstein’s slightly outside the hood 77th Street and 13th Avenue – I got it here and they put it in my car
    • Pearson Bay Ridge Home Center on 73rd and 5th  (718) 238-0096   small bags
    • United Hardware on  79th and 3rd 
    • Food City — 75th and 3rd


    Out of Stock :  Both Key Food, 7-11 gas station on 65 Street and 3rd Avenue and the hardware store on Ovington and 3rd Avenue 

    Way outside the hood there is Brooklyn Best Hardware  20th street and 4th Ave


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    March 1, 2014

    LIfe Insurance Policy

    Occasionally I write things in my blog to record times when people loved me well.


    So I received a life insurance beneficiary paper today. Someone took out a life insurance policy for me – just me – pretty cool right?  The person has  been deceased for a few years and it took the company some time to find me…..and I find the whole thing amazing. Not the money part really because we can always make more money……but just that someone took the time out of their life to set up an insurance policy for me. Yup – that part  amazes me.

    The part that doesn’t amaze me .is when I contacted the company with questions and they told me someone knew for two years and they didn’t tell me. I’m pretty sure you don’t read my blog but if you do – karma!   The truth always comes out. 

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    February 21, 2014

    Student’s E-mail

     I opened my e-mail to receive the sweetest e-mail  from a student I no longer teach. Of course, there is no better blessing for a computer teacher than to have time to surf the web! The future is very bright because these children will be the people who lead the world with kindness and thought. 


    students blessing

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    February 21, 2014

    Why I Switched My Political Party

    When I originally registered to vote at age 18, my Mom guided me to register as a Democrat. She told me it will allow me to vote in primary elections here in Brooklyn.  Ironically, my parents lived in Long Island and were registered Republicans.  Over the years, I realized that I am neither a Democrat or a Republican and that I just want to vote for people who are as passionate about being a politician as I am about being a teacher. I don’t know of anyone in Bay Ridge who needs a politician who is going to give huge tax breaks to big developers.  Crains and the New York TImes reported on this because it is shocking news to see what our representatives are doing in Albany.

    Since moving to Bay Ridge, I realized that my government does very little for me. I am not in a low or high income bracket so I don’t qualify for most tax breaks.  I am fully aware that no politician is going to lower the taxes on my property. When Lee and I actually needed help and we contacted Senator Marty Golden, all we got was his ineffective office staff  (see our experience here and here We found that they were disorganized and that they couldn’t follow up on a simple issue. Out of frustration, I called Albany and spoke with Golden’s chief of staff.  Golden’s chief of staff  didn’t follow up either. Personal information I provided to the state should never appeared on a staff members personal social media page and when I told Kassar the report had the wrong address, Kassar said he would furnish me a copy of the report, but never did. Golden did not call or e-mail me even though he knew what terrible service I received at his office. No resident should have received the poor service we did.  2/24/14 Update: Golden mentions a social media mistake was made by his staff - maybe he will monitor them/his accounts better now that so many people have seen it.

    Bay Ridge Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotaks in my opinion doesn’t actually help Bay Ridge either.  We have two assembly members representing Bay Ridge, Alec Brook-Krasny is the other representative.  Check here to see if Malliotakis represents your block. 

    Since the next election will be a primary, I want to send the message loud and clear that poor communication and leadership isn’t what we need in Bay Ridge. I wasn’t  alone in changing my political party yesterday so politicians should be aware that people are tired of the nonsense. If you wish to change your political party, you can just fill out this form and send it in.  

    And Craig Eaton – there are a lot of people who are ready for a change in Bay Ridge. #BringIt


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    February 21, 2014

    Nicole Malliotakis: Bay Ridge Deserves Better


    I really wanted to like Nicole Malliotakis. Malliotakis is an Assemblywoman for Staten Island and Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. I hate to knock women in business or government, but this post is long overdue.  I had hoped that Ms. Malliotakis would prove me wrong and show that she is a reliable politician, but she isn’t. I know many people, including Ms. Malliotakis will say that I am writing this because I have liberal views.  I do on some things, but I voted for Republican, Marty Golden in the last election so my views are my own – not that of a political party.  

    Almost every article about Malliotakis seems to mention her parent’s background – even her own bio mentions it. “Her father is from Greece and her mother is a Cuban exile of the Castro dictatorship. Her parents came to New York in search of the American Dream.”  Malliotakis’ mother lived in a time when people were forced to be silent under Castro. There is no reason for Nicole Malliotakis to STAY SILENT  as a NYC Assemblywoman when other politicians have made poor decisions for NYC,  

    1) This summer, Senator Marty Golden backed a bill that gave huge tax breaks to big developers. NICOLE MALLIOTAKIS REMAINED SILENT ABOUT THIS.

    Today 2/21/14 Malliotakis posted this on Facebook – notice she points out that greedy developers are reaping millions…….So it looks like she is “calling out” the Savo Brothers., but in reality this is a done deal – the judge has given the Savo Brothers the go ahead.  Is this “fake callout”  just a media ploy? 

    nicole malliotakis staten island



    It’s a double standard that Malliotakis is blasting the Savo Brothers, but hasn’t said a word about the senate’s tax freebie for big developers? Is Assemblywoman Malliotakis afraid to speak up or does she believe those developers deserve the tax breaks? How come she hasn’t issued any paperwork to amend the bill passed in the Assembly and senate? 

    When the Daily News reported that Mr. Golden said:  “I’m not sure where they came from.”   MALLIOTAKIS STAYED SILENT.

    I can’t figure out how a woman can stay silent when she knows this isn’t right!

    When the Assembly sponsor, Keith Wright said,  “These five properties — it was important that they benefit from the piece of legislation probably, and I don’t know why, because some of the folks in the Senate wanted them to be included. “ MALLIOTAKIS STAYED SILENT. 
    If you look through Malliotakis’ Facebook and Twitter feed during this time, you will see that she didn’t say a word about the tax breaks the Senate gave out.  So Malliotakis doesn’t fail to tell us that her parents came her to live the American Dream, but she remains silent when other politicians do the wrong thing for the people of this city? 

    A few developers were able to pull the wool over the city’s eyes BECAUSE MALLIOTAKIS STAYED SILENT. 

    I have written to her several times about this and each time MALLIOTAKIS STAYED SILENT  and didn’t reply. 

    It’s strange that Malliotakis will take silly photos about insurance fraud, but REMAINED SILENT when a few developers received huge tax breaks and took money away from our city. Maybe this is why some people don’t take women seriously. Would a male politician have posed for a photo like that? I doubt it.


    malliotakis get out tax money back



    2) I couldn’t find anyone in Bay Ridge who Malliotakis has actually helped. I could find two issues in Bay Ridge that she worked on and was COMPLETELY INEFFECTIVE in my opinion. When the city didn’t fund the Beacon Program at McKinley Intermediate School, Malliotakis made the students hold a rally. These students were in afterschool programs and instead of doing the activity for their program, they needed to make signs and rally outside the school where no one would see them. What did Malliotakis teach those kids? She taught them that  adults who are suppose to take care of them and l0ok after them dropped the ball. Children aren’t suppose worry if they are going to have an afterschool program to go to. Children shouldn’t  have “to rally” in front the media so a picture can be taken to show that they need extra help in an afterschool homework club. Besides violating the children’s privacy, it shows how disconnected Malliotakis is. Malliotakis could have arranged a meeting with Christine Quinn to get to the bottom of the underfunded program. At this point, I looked up Malliotakis’ age because I couldn’t believe she thought children rallying was more effective then her communicating with another adult.

    This isn’t the only rally Malliotakis held in Bay Ridge. She rallies people for the B37 bus. First there was the rally in the rain. Notice Nicole brought out her sign to let you know she is running the rally, but her Converse sneakers tell us that this rally is just a big joke. There are so few people at the rally that in the picture are a few local reps and even the reporter who wrote the article appears in the picture to the far right!   The rally was held on the weekend in one of the quietest places in Bay Ridge. If you want to rally go to  City Hall and rally where you can be heard loud and clear. Here is another rally for the same bus line. This time the rally is in front of the Guild for Exceptional Children. Who thought that was a good place for a rally?   Why is a rally even being held when Malliotakis can simply call Allen Cappelli and discuss the issue?


    3) Around Christmas time, many organizations accept gifts for kids in need.  Everyone always hopes that the kids get their presents. On January 9th , Malliotakis brought Christmas gifts to the children at the Guild for Exceptional Children. What do the kids who didn’t receive presents from Santa think? That Santa forgot about them?  How did I find out about this incident? Malliotakis boasted about it on social media!

    nicole malliotakis staten island didn't distribute toys


    I took a screenshot when I saw it because I thought it was an odd thing to post.  The post has since disappeared removed, but the you can see the Article and of course picture here    Why would she take pictures of a moment she couldn’t possibly be proud of?     The article states: “The delivery was postponed twice due to the center being closed during the weeks of holidays, and the snowstorm that closely followed New Year’s Day – SORRY POLITICIAN, BUT KIDS NOT GETTING THEIR GIFTS FROM SANTA IS LOW.” In my opinion, you should have found a way to deliver them on time.

    4) Staten Island residents get a huge break on the tolls for the Verrazano Bridge from Governor Cuomo. He shares the credit with a few politicians in Staten Island. Malliotakis is the only politician who represents both sides of the  bridge. So Staten Island residents can drive into my area of Bay Ridge. Yet,  I have to pay more to use the same bridge in the reverse direction.  I paid more for my home and thus more towards taxes, but I have to pay a higher toll for the bridge.  Who does that make sense to?  Malliotakis forgot about  Bay Ridge during the picture taking with Cuomo. She posts the pictures all over social media and then when another Bay Ridge resident complained, Malliotakis wrote, “you give me too much credit”   The tweet was then deleted.

    5) Malliotakis is out of touch with education. In 2014, Malliotakis and Assemblyman Joe Borelli release a report about Common Core. I read the entire report. It had nothing new in it.  If they had released the report a lot earlier, it would have been effective. Does Malliotakis realize that schools have been using Common Core before September 2013? From the report it didn’t sound like it.  The complaints people have about Common Core was the the quick rollout and the new testing. The Common Core Report that they release WAS SO LATE that it is meaningless. I wrote to B on Facebook and he didn’t deny it. The report added nothing to the conversation on Common Core and I let Borelli and Malliotakis know that. Borelli was pretty honest – see his reply below. 

    borelli honest


    In mid January 2014, Malliotakis issued a statement that she wants teachers to receive money for their classroom (see below). Really? In January? Again, if this came out in August it would be great, but in January it is completely ineffective. Teachers shouldn’t have to “step up to the plate”  because politicians have underfunded education in NYC.  And isn’t it strange that Malliotakis has been in office since 2011 and hasn’t advocated to help teachers pay for supplies until January 2014? Ironically, she named the post UFT advocate (see pic).

    malliotakis schools too late


    I hope the UFT does not take this as sign that Nicole supports education. Her true pettiness came out in this tweet about Universal Pre-K.  In NYC, politicians are so involved in what party they represent that  they forget they are suppose to work together and get things done. Malliotakis thinks her snarkiness adds to the conversation on Universal Pre-K. It’s sad that she finds lack of communication entertaining. 

    nicole malliotakis snarky

    6) Many mentally unstable people have been  jumping from the Verrazano Bridge. Malliotakis is a representative who represents both sides of the bridge. Why isn’t Malliotakis leading the way on getting a fence put up on the bridge to keep people who are mentally ill safe? In the long run, the money we spend on emergency response will be saved. 

    7) Malliotakis is always posting pics with her dog and claims to love animals. She has the ability to pass laws to protect animals and yet she doesn’t.  In 2012, Malliotakis wanted to ban testicular implants for dogs. The media said that she was “razzed by colleagues and then she stepped away from the issue.” So your tax dollars were hard at work <sarcasm> when it appears that the issue wasn’t fully investigated to begin with. And why would Malliotakis be ‘razzed’ by people she works with?  Didn’t she discuss this issue with them prior to initiating it?

    Bay Ridge deserves better. I’m not sure if Malliotakis has always been a little late with issues, but we need someone who is able to speak up and not make excuses.

     I have written to Mallotakis on twitter because her silence holds back progress (see my twitter feed).  As taxpayers, we pay a lot of money for each Assembly person’s office so we shouldn’t have to keep asking a rep to speak up.  I don’t need Malliotakis wasting everyone’s time and calling for Sheldon Silver to resign.  How can I call for Malliotakis to step down?




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    February 20, 2014

    Evicting Birds

    Beautiful Mourning Doves lived in our Blue Spruce tree for four years. I loved hearing them sing and watching them nest outside of our window. This year, I noticed that they multiplied  a lot and were pooping all over the place. Besides the nasty secretions, the sound of 30-40 birds ruffling their feathers as we walked in or our of the house made me uneasy – especially around the kids. Visions of the Alfred Hitchcock movie, The Birds came to mind when I walked into the house. I thought they would leave when winter came, but they didn’t and I think the plush tree attracted even more birds.

    I never knew anyone who wanted to get rid of sweet chirping birds, so I didn’t know it was so easy.  Of course we didn’t want to hurt the birds or trap them,  we just wanted get then out of the tree or at least get some of them to leave the tree.  We purchased this holographic ribbon.  When I was purchasing it, I read the reviews that suggested the ribbon didn’t work. Most times when something doesn’t work, people haven’t used it correctly.  We tied the ribbon around the branches of the tree and looked up into the tree. The ribbon reflected tiny mirror like lights into the tree – The birds immediately left the tree. For the next three days, we saw the birds sitting on the trees and rooftops of other homes looking at the tree. I guess they were waiting for us to remove the ribbon. One week later and we are still bird free.



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