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September 19, 2020

Remembrance for Ruth Bader Ginsberg 9/20




There will be a remembrance for Brooklynite, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, on Sunday, September 19th at 1:00 PM outside the Brooklyn Municipal Building at 210 Joralemon Street.   

Ruth Bader Ginsburg lived in Flatbush on East 9th Street. (See here)  She attended James Madison High School.   

For college, Ginsburg went to Cornell University.  Then she attended Harvard Law School, where she was one of nine women in a class of 500. 

She fought against gender discrimination. Ginsburg won five out of six gender cases that she argued before the Supreme Court.   

Governor Cuomo said he is selecting an artist to create a statue of Ginsburg to be placed in Brooklyn.




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September 19, 2020

Lombardos Says No to Surcharges




A lot of well-loved restaurants are sending a message to the community that they will not charge the 10% Covid Surcharge that NYC Council approved this week.


Lombardo’s is at 279 71st Street.




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September 19, 2020

Chris Hoban Run – Raffles for Scholarship $



This weekend is always the most beautiful weekend in Bay Ridge! 

Usually we are outside of Xaverian High School remembering Officer Christopher Hoban with the Hoban Run. 

This year, the Hoban Run went virtual.   (See here)   You can purchase raffles for these prizes here.   The raffle money supports the Chris Hoban Scholarship fund.




If you have a Chris Hoban t-shirt, you can enter their contest. 





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September 19, 2020

Recycle Computers and Get Paper Shredded


They are shredding paper and collecting e-waste (old computer and electronics equipment) in the Saint Anselm Parking lot today from 11:00  – 1:00.

You can walk in or drive in and drop it off. 

The Saint Anselm Parking Lot is on 82nd Street and 4th Avenue.



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September 18, 2020

Man Hurt in Bensonhurst. Suspect Detained



Around 7:00 pm tonight, a  man was hurt near 2167 – 74th Street in Bensonhurst.   It was first announced that the man was shot (in the leg) – see picture above. Now people are saying the man was hurt in the backyard but he wasn’t shot. 

There are many videos of police and emergency vehicles in the area so something happened.  See here   

Hopefully, the man is okay – there are no update about his status, but it does say that a suspect was detained.



A little over an hour later, there was a serious accident down the block – see here




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September 18, 2020

RIP Man Found Dead in Apartment on 84th Street


No reason is given on how the man died.   





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September 18, 2020

Daddy-O’s BBQ is Opening on 3rd Avenue




Daddy O’s BBQ hung a sign at 8812 – 3rd Avenue in Bay Ridge. See menu  

Daddy O’s is in Staten Island. The same people who own Daddy O’s BBQ NYC in Staten Island are opening this place. It’s going to be a little while before the place is ready, but they will start posting updates on  their social media pages as opening day gets closer.   See here and here

This is opening where Standard Burger used to be (next to Hom).   See here   They changed the storefront from light blue to bright red!

It’s great to see new businesses opening – even during the pandemic. Congratulations to the owners – may you have as much success in Bay Ridge, as you have in Staten Island!  





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September 18, 2020

Peace and Love House in Bay Ridge





Bay Ridge Families notices that the pandemic has brought our community some amazing art!




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September 18, 2020

Business Owner Confronts Senator Gounardes


A business owner on Fort Hamilton Parkway contacted Senator Andrew Gounardes when her business was broken into. She did not hear back from Senator Gounardes. 

The business owners approached Andrew Gounardes in the park and he wasn’t apologetic for not responding. He didn’t seem to care. 

Playing politics, rather than helping all people in the district when they call is a regular theme for Andrew and the senator before him as well. 

Gounardes has a large staff and communication from his office is poor.  My husband asked Gounardes for a breakdown of how tax money was spent in our district. Gounardes office didn’t reply and when I discussed it on social media weeks later, his chief-of-staff sent a very incomplete list – no names of organizations or schools that received money (just the word schools).




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September 18, 2020

Fritebar Friday Night Special in Bay Ridge

Get a FREE small frites with the purchase of any burger. 

They used to have just sliders – now they have full size burgers.


Fritebar is at 8503 3rd Avenue in Bay Ridge. 






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September 18, 2020

Ms. Jenns Little Achievers is Opening



Ms. Jenns Little Achievers Early Childcare Center is opening soon at 9419 5th Avenue in Bay Ridge (where Harbor Car Service used to be.   See the website here.

We’ve loved watching this place be transformed into the cutest school! You obvious it is a teacher’s dream place! 

This is for children 12 months and up!


Phone: 718-808-5164







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September 18, 2020

Bay Ridge Rosh Hashanah 9/19





Bay Ridge Jewish Center is celebrating online. Led by Janna from @tkiyamusic,  parents and children ages 0 to 6  will enjoy our interactive holiday celebrations through Zoom.

Rosh Hashanah: at 9-9:45 AM on Saturday 9/19 & Sunday 9/20


Yom Kippur: at 9-9:45 AM on Monday 9/28


These services are FREE but you must register first here.




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