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August 18, 2018

Owner Found 8/15


found boston terrier in Bay Ridge on August 18




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August 18, 2018

No Quarter Tavern Closed Due to Gang Violence



Last night at the 5th Avenue FACE/Shindig Summer Stroll – whatever it is called, I noticed the gates were down on No Quarter Tavern at 8015 5th Avenue.




No Quarter had become a hang out for some gang members. In February, there was reports of guns fired


At the last Community Board 10 Meeting, the owner of the bar spoke about all she was doing to keep the bar safe and  change the atmosphere of the bar so the gang members wouldn’t be interested in No Quarter Tavern. On August 1st, she opted to close No Quarter Tavern due to gang violence.  My heart hurts for her.  Owning a business is a lot of work and add to that fighting off a gang isn’t a lot of fun.




RIP No Quarter Tavern. May the owner have tremendous success in the future.


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August 18, 2018

Bay Ridge Assembly Candidate Forum Aug. 22nd


Ethan Lustig-Elgrably Not Attending

I saw the advertisement for the Candidate’s Forum and I saw that it said: “Lustig-Elgrably Invited but Not Attending”



Go and meet Dr. Frontus who is running for the Assembly position and  has some great ideas on how to make the government more transparent to residents.





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August 18, 2018

Grandma’s Love Idea for Special Needs Park Needs Your Vote


Grandmas Love Playground Autistic Children


Grandma’s Love is an amazing organization in Bay Ridge and she has a great idea.  Our community will be able to take part in participatory budgeting -this allows people to make recommendations for projects and residents to vote on which ideas should be funded). 


Grandma’s Love put in the idea for a sensory park and garden at Owl’s Head Park for autistic children and children with special needs. Parents have asked for this for years. I’ve seen parks/gardens like this and they are great additions to communities (and of course anyone can use them – not just children with special needs). This type of park/garden will allow all children to play and participate.  


See her idea here and choose the heart in the top right if you like the idea. See other ideas in our area here.



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August 18, 2018

Meet Kristan Higgins in Bay Ridge – August 21st




Author, Kristan Higgins will be at The BookMark Shoppe on August 21st at 7:00 pm. The BookMark Shoppe is at 8415 3rd Avenue.


Higgins is the author of the book. Good Luck with That.   




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August 18, 2018

Donovan Runs Ads About Rose While He is Serving i


Dirty Congressman Donovan Attacks Max Rose


Everyone knows Max Rose is a moderate and he has not called for anyone to abolish ICE.


Yet, Dan Donovan started running ads the day Rose left to serve in the National Guard for two weeks


Rose made his departure clear by contacting the media and even made a video about his departure.



max rose seves in the national guard



Donovan probably wasn’t being dirty – he was probably SLEEPING AS USUAL and doesn’t know what is going on.  See story here.   


Dan Donovan keeps accepting PAC (Political Action Committee) money and is owned by sooooooooooo many!







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August 18, 2018

Missing Siberian Husky – Bay Ridge


The husky has been returned to his family. The dog was not taken or stollen.



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August 18, 2018

Godspell September Performances in Dyker Heights



BrooklynOne has more shows at Redeemer St. John at 939 – 83rd Street in Dyker Heights.


Friday, September 7th – 8:00 pm


Saturday, September 8th – 2:00 pm and 8:00 pm shows


Sunday, September 9th – 5:00 show


Tickets or contact Anthony at Anthony@brooklynone.org or 917-623-6709


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August 17, 2018

Why Bay Ridge Loves Councilman Brannan….



Councilman Joe Borelli shared the video above today. The Uber Driver casually talked about Councilman Justin Brannan. What the drive said is exactly the reason that we love Justin Brannan! 






Sometimes people can’t see everything Brannan is doing because they aren’t part of the various neighborhood groups online, but I can say I see people reaching out to Brannan daily and his response is always warm, positive and Brannan follows through.  


I also love Justin Brannan for speaking out for Pablo Villavicencio. Long before the news about Pablo at the Fort Hamilton Army Base became mainstream, Brannan shared the news about Pablo that he saw published in a Spanish paper.




After Brannan called the media and spoke with Pablo’s wife, Sandra in front of the Fort Hamilton, the story was carried everywhere. Brannan didn’t have to help Pablo, but he chose to stand up because he’s a good person. By shining the light on Pablo’s story, Pablo received the public’s support and Cuomo helped secure an attorney for Pablo. Recently, a judge released Pablo because the attorney was able to show that Pablo was working towards citizenship.  See here




Pablo and his family joined Councilman Brannan in Bay Ridge. While the whole table was busy talking, Brannan took a moment to engage Pablo’s daughter – so sweet. See story here



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August 17, 2018

Power Outage in Dyker Heights – August 17, 2018



I really sympathize with the people in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn. They keep losing power and have no electricity. Around 2:40 pm, the people near Fort Hamilton Parkway and the streets in the early  70’s.  This is dangerous if there are senior citizens or people who need medical machines.


It doesn’t look as bad today as it does other days – you can see whose out on this map.  Hopefully, power will be restored soon.


Every Summer, Dyker Heights has power issues. They really need to put their wiring underground as we don’t have the same issues in Bay Ridge.


Update: Power Restored



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August 17, 2018

What is Fight Back Bay Ridge?



FBBB Fight Back Bay Ridge Marty Golden Constitutional Rights Summer Stroll 2018


I have seen a lot of incorrect information about the group Fight Back Bay Ridge online recently. Mostly, the incorrect information is coming from staff of politician, who don’t want people to know the truth. I am not a member of FBBR, but I have watched them for a long time. If you have any questions about FBBR, leave it in the comments (comments don’t publish).


What is Fight Back Bay Ridge?

Fight Back Bay Ridge is a collaborative action group that seeks to activate community organizing and civic engagement in South Brooklyn. “We work towards the betterment of our neighborhood by forging connections, sharing knowledge, and building our collective power through projects implemented at local, state, and federal levels.” FBBR is the acronym of the group.


Who is in the group Fight Back Bay Ridge?    FBBR is composed of lifelong residents of Bay Ridge and newer residents of Bay Ridge, as well. The group does have some members from Bensonhurst and Marine Park too.  Everyone and anyone who wants to do something about the unfair treatment of people or speak up and inform others about what’s wrong with a certain policy or politician’s response is welcome to join.  At recent Summer Strolls, I saw more members of Fight Back Bay Ridge and realized they are residents I know who volunteer for a lot of other things in this community.


Are only women in FBBR?  While it appears there are many women in FBBR, there are also men in the group as well. 



When did Fight Back Bay Ridge become a group in our community?   FBBR was started during the November 2016 elections.



Which candidate is Fight Back Bay Ridge supporting? FBBR has not endorsed any candidates in any elections. They do not allow candidates to campaign on their Facebook page. Since they don’t endorse candidates, they don’t often have in-meeting political discussions. 


Whose funding them? This is grassroots group of individuals who work together for their community. No politician is funding them. They do use Go Fund Me to invite the community to help them if people want to.  



Why is Fight Back Bay Ridge speaking out against Senator Golden who has been the Senator of Bay Ridge for years? Senator Golden may have started out as a fantastic representative of this community, but over the years Senator Golden has been  involved in a lot of things which aren’t right. Fight Back Bay Ridge has been speaking out against Marty Golden’s lack of leadership and poor policies.  In my opinion, Senator Golden is no longer representing Bay Ridge because he is too involved with Pay-to-Play politics.



Is FBBR a socialist group?   No. As FBBR explained: “Because we work toward the betterment of the neighborhood, and that includes all people, our politics ARE left-leaning. We have no formal political ideology. Membership ranges from the center-left to the left, which does include socialists. But we are not a socialist group, and we aren’t a group of Democrats, either.”  




What has Fight Back Bay Ridge done so far? These are the things I have seen:


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August 17, 2018

Enjoy Fifth Avenue Tonight!



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