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February 22, 2019

Former Restaurateur Scams on 3rd Avenue



The news revealed that Vincent Tropepe, former owner of the Saint Germain restaurant in Bay Ridge, scammed  the owners of The Yemen Cafe at 7130 – 5th Avenue last Summer. 

What’s wrong with people?  I don’t get it.  I don’t understand how Tropepe could do that to another restaurant owner, when he KNOWS how hard it is to have a business.





In 2014, The Brooklyn Paper hailed Tropepe for saving restaurant owners money.

What changed that Tropepe would do that to another restaurant owner? 

Kadia Goba reported that Councilman Justin Brannan had the situation investigated. I am glad to see Councilman Brannan is responsive to shop owners.  Read the great reporting by Kadia Goba.  


We’ve never been to the Yemen Cafe, but we’lll visit them next week. I feel terrible that someone was scamming on them.



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February 22, 2019

Free Shabbat Across America in Bay Ridge 3/1




The Bay Ridge Jewish Center at 405 – 81st Street invites all to join the free Across America Family Service and Dinner on  Friday, March 1st.

Services at 6:30PM with dinner to follow.




RSVP for the dinner by February 27th – office@brjc.org or  718-836-3103.



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February 22, 2019

Another Political Slap By Mark Treyger

Today, Mark Treyger endorsed Jumaane Williams.  See video





If you didn’t know the history of Mark Treyger and Melissa Mark-Viverito, you probably wouldn’t think anything of this endorsement. So let me share that with you!

In South Brooklyn we remember Mark Treyger gave Assemblywoman Pam Harris’ not-for-profit money. Harris charged the not-for-profit rent in her home and even went on a cruise with the children involved in her group. While this was revealed in the news in the Summer, Treyger stood by Harris with MELISSA MARK-VIVERITO.  Yes, the NYC Speaker went out to Coney Island in the Fall and campaigned at the train station with Treyger for Harris. 

Neither Treyger or Mark-Viverito thought anything was wrong with Harris’ use of the money.  In fact, that year Treyger put even more money aside for Harris’ Coney Island Generation Gap and even though we asked Melissa Mark-Viverito to hold the money, we were ignored. Harris received the money. Pam Harris is currently in jail.


Melissa Mark Viverito is running for Public Advocate, yet Mark Treyger threw out a late endorsement for Jumane Williams.  SLAPPPPPPP.   




Treyger doesn’t believe in quid pro quo….remember the last Treyger slap

I know Mark Treyger over estimates what his endorsement means, but I can tell you it didn’t mean a lot in our last election in Brooklyn.


Treyger supported some guy who used to work for him. He even helped get a list of men to endorse his candidate.  The people chose a champion of the community, our current Assemblywoman Mathylde Frontus.  


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February 22, 2019

King Souvlaki Opened in Bay Ridge 2/22



The owners of the King Souvlaki cart opened a Greek restaurant where Baia Bar 8402 3rd Avenue used to be (before that it was Blue Zoo).   718-333-5016


Lamb Gyro plate


The official grand opening on 2/22, but they had the soft opening this week.












King Souvlaki applied for a liquor license and received it during the Community Board 10 Meeting last February 2018).






Hours of operation: Sunday to Wednesday   10:00 am – midnight  AND  Thursday to Saturday 10:00 am – 1:00 am.




The restaurant will seek a sidewalk permit in the future so they can have tables outside.


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February 21, 2019

Brooklyn Cyclones Dance Auditions 5/3


See larger



Kids love performing on the field at the Brooklyn Cyclones games.This audition is for children 8-12 years old.



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February 21, 2019

Happy Retirement to Joe The Barber



Joe from Joe’s Barber Shop at 6906 Colonial Road has retired. He wrote that it was time for him to be with his family.

There is another Joe the Barber at 9415 3rd Avenue  (across the street from Walgreens). He is not retiring. Lee said he would cry if his Joe the Barber retired so good luck to all of you who just lost your barber.




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February 21, 2019

Vinny’s Pet Store – Marvel Items for Dogs



If you are a fan of Marvel and you have  dog,  Vinny’s Pets in Bay Ridge has Marvel items!


Vinny’s Pet Store is at 451 Bay Ridge Avenue



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February 21, 2019

Councilman Brannan Helps Change the Hotel Plans


Remember the lot on 5th Avenue and 92nd Street where the developer was planning to put a hotel across the street from PS 104?


According to Kadia Goba of Bklyner, Brannan helped the developer change his plans and now there is going to be affordable housing there.  


Woohoo Councilman Justin Brannan! Affordable housing is what residents wanted for that area, so this is a great win for Bay Ridge.

Last year, Marty Golden rallied with the Bay Ridge Community Council.  Golden claimed he couldn’t get a hold of the developer, even though journalist, Megan McGoldrick was able to speak with the developer extensively.

We’re glad Brannan was able to reach out and convince the developer to change his plans. See article



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February 21, 2019

Urban STEAM Lab is Opening in Bay Ridge


Urban STEAM Lab is opening at 7912 – 5th Avenue. Children and parents will be happy to see a place like this opening here!


This place will be great for days when school isn’t in session. 


What was at 7912 before?  It used to be Sager Fashions.




The Urban STEAM Lab’s will open on March 30th.



Classes for children ages 7 – 15  begin in April.  So far they have classes listed for afterschool on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, as well as Saturday and Sunday.  See here  for registration.

In the window, it says they will offer birthday parties, open lab, research assistance, tutoring and pro0freading as well! 

Welcome to Bay Ridge, Urban Steam Lab! Congratulations to the new owners!



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February 21, 2019

Jazz at The Brooklyn Foundry 2/24


South Brooklyn Foundry 6909 3rd Avenue

Call for a reservation: 718-333-5287



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February 21, 2019

Nicole Malliotakis’ Bill for Greedy Landlords

On Wednesday, February 20th, Assemblywoman Malliotakis had this bill for landlords to not have to pay tax on their commercial rent. This is not a bill that Malliotakis or any newspaper has mentioned.





Who is paying taxes if those who are renting commercial property aren’t? I could see giving a tax break to property owners who rent to small businesses, but that isn’t what this bill says.  This bill is for all commercial property owners. That’s insane and could bankrupt the city.

Why aren’t the small business owners being given the tax breaks?  



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February 20, 2019

Pols Request to Split the R Train Line in Two


See larger here.  

Four of our elected representatives sent a letter to Andy Byford requesting that he split the R Train line. 



I like that they are working together to come up with some plans for Bay Ridge riders.

Already riders have reservations, but that comes with change.

So far people question: 

1) Will this hurt Ridgites who work in lower Manhattan? Another computer solved the issue by stating that they should send the R train up the J line to Essex Street,  instead of dead-ending at Court Street (see here)

2) RadioFreeBr indicated that the solution doesn’t make it easy to continue to Manhattan for someone who is disabled








Feel free to chime in here  The pols from our area are all on Twitter and at least two are reading the comments.



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