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July 14, 2020

Rocco’s Has a New Sign



Rocco’s new sign looks great! Rocco’s is at 5th Avenue and 78th Street.

The old sign:





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July 14, 2020

When You Need a LV Bag During the Pandemic



Did you know the Salvation Army sells used Louis Vuitton bags?  They sell a lot of used bag. I have no idea if this one is an authentic LV, but that is an old pattern. 

The Salvation Army Store is at 6822 Third Avenue. 

The Salvation Army shares their new items on their insta






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July 14, 2020

BLM Protest on 13th Avenue on July 18th


There is a BLM Protest on July 18th on 13th Avenue. 

Is it peaceful?  There is no name/group on the flyer. I reached out to the organizer and  I was told that this is a peaceful protest. I was also told the group ran a peaceful protest in our area before last weekend’s fiasco.

Last weekend, there was a protest in Bay Ridge labeled with BLM, but some of the organizers were political and it became more about the two political groups in the area, rather than about BLM. 

Prior to last weekend, all protests were peaceful and informative. Each group that came prior to last weekend had strong chants and good energy because they were here for the right reason – because Black Lives Matter.




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July 13, 2020

The Owl’s Head is Closing



Sadly, The Owl’s Head at 479 – 74th Street is closing.

The Owl’s Head shared this message:  “It is with great sadness that we are announcing that we will be closing The Owl’s Head by the end of this month. The effects of COVID-19 made it impossible for us to continue as a wine bar and, after further review, a wine shop would just not be feasible as it would require a much greater investment and risk to obtain the tools that we would need to survive. We still have wine, beer and snacks so you can stock up before we close!

We greatly appreciate all the support that you have provided The Owl’s Head family for the past 8+ years. It was great to share not only a glass of wine but celebrate art, poetry, literature, cinema and music together. Cheers!”  

The Owls Head is where the Black Lives Matter mural was painted. See here

So many people loved this place.

Good luck to the owner.




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July 13, 2020

Ballet Class at Owl’s Head Park

Bay Ridge Ballet is having outdoor socially distance dance classes on  7/16, 7/23, 7/30 at 5:30pm. This is for children of all ages.

Register at bayridgeballet.com




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July 13, 2020

Free Yoga in Bay Ridge This Summer

olph yoga - free wednesday night bay ridge sunset park

Free yoga at Shore Ridge Park  Ridge.  Register 

Monday, 7pm

Tuesdays, 7pm,

Wednesdays at 7pm

Saturdays at 9:30am @ Bay Ridge Park







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July 13, 2020

Things Aren’t What They Seem Sometimes

When you watch this video, you will feel upset that this happened in our community.





I didn’t share it yesterday because it was a just a short video clip. Why were the police so angry? 

While the man pretended to be a peaceful protester, it’s clear the police are upset.   

Social media began the trial for the police officers. One person offered: “This is Assault in the Second Degree by the cops. Tasered and assaulted. Mandatory minimum 2 years prison. Maximum 7. They won’t even get disciplined.”   

The police were in the wrong because people judged the whole situation by a tiny clip.

No one asked, “What happened before that?”

Then we saw this video this morning:





Most annoying in the video is that the police are speaking with the man and telling him not to throw the helmet. Yet, he still did – while the police watched him. Was that being peaceful?

Is this enough of a reason to taze the man? We don’t know what went on before these two bits of video, but the 68th Precinct officers saw they weren’t able to talk this man down.

I wish Councilman Brannan wasn’t so quick to judge the police department. He should know better as he isn’t a new leader. 






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July 13, 2020

Not So Peaceful Protest in Bay Ridge



Yesterday was a mess in Bay Ridge.

The rally for the NYPD was at 6 pm. It was winding down by 7:30 pm. 

Yet, people who didn’t have anything better to do were still hanging around at 8:30 pm. Some were there to film the action of those they invited to the counter protest. 

The Black Lives Matter movement isn’t about what you saw here. Yesterday’s actions were about two political groups clashing. Divisive organizers think people don’t realize what’s going on….it’s become a real problem for our community. 

Sadly, there some people who were actually there for the BLM movement. A police officer noted that a young man stood in front of them the whole time and spoke softly – not yelling at the police officers. 

Counter protesters stayed in the area after the protest and this happened on the corner of Senator Street:




Lighting fires on the streets is enjoyment for some people. Others stood around and took pictures for Instagram as the police were trying to get them to leave the area at around 12:00 am.




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July 13, 2020

Bay Ridge Organizers Hurt the BLM Movement



Many white people want to help the Black Lives Matter movement. Most have good intentions, but often people are pushing their own political agendas.  Many people who attended did so for the right reasons, but they didn’t know that organizers had a different plan for this rally.

One of the things black people have asked white people to do is to listen. On Saturday, organizers in our area weren’t happy that there was a low turnout of support for the Black Lives Matter s rally in Dyker Heights. They went online and used #Antifa to invite them to today’s event. Yes, I saw you. 

Antifa changes an event quickly because they are there for their own agenda. Organizers wrote that the KKK had organized the rally for the police, so naturally Antifa was mad. (No one likes the KKK except the KKK). 

Here they are kicking the police:

We’ve seen many other BLM protests in this area – all of them were peaceful. Why? Because the organizers were there for the right reason and made sure that was clear to everyone. In Manhattan when there was looting, black people went out of their way to remind people to be peaceful.

Calling for people to come and be violent in our community, means you don’t care. It’s as dangerous as white supremacists. Many people who attended didn’t care about Black Lives because they were here to fight the KKK and the police. 

Bay Ridge is a community with a lot of families. People should feel comfortable to bring their child to a rally, but now they can’t because violence is the objective. 

Where were the organizers when those they invited were acting out?  Where were the organizers when protesters started throwing eggs?  Probably laughing because this is a joke to them.

Picture shared by Marko K.

At the end of the day, who was left with the invited guests?  The police.

Today’s rally didn’t help advance BLM. No change was made in policy or in creating a more equitable city. Before “organizing” think about if you are helping black children. This movement isn’t about you and people have worked too hard for setbacks like this.   




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July 12, 2020

Assemblywoman Frontus Office is Open





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July 12, 2020

Bay Ridge Rally for the 68th Precinct





Today is the second march for the police.  Follow Megan, a journalist who is sharing videos.

Bay Ridge is a different neighborhood than Dyker Heights



Maya shared the picture above. Flags flying: US, police flag, Trump/Pence (again) and the red Albanian flag.






Today there is also a Black Lives Matter counter protest. 




No sign of any elected politicians for this area. 





Earlier confrontation….



The two groups met up. BLM group chants BLM and then goes off about racists and the KKK.


The two sides are together……Sadly, a black girl was pepper-sprayed, but someone – not the police See here. (For her lifetime, she is going to remember she was pepper-sprayed here while she was standing up for people……which is horrible).   A guy also had liquid thrown at him – See here




A flag is being burnt at 3rd Avenue and 65th Street.




The event is coming to an end. People on both sides were pushing people on the opposite side. But sadly, the counterprotesters brought eggs and hit a police officer with them.  That’s just low and not what the BLM movement is about.





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July 12, 2020

Chadwicks Expects to Open on Wednesday


Welcome back Chadwicks! 

They shared that they hope to open on Wednesday!


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