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  • December 16, 2017

    Take a Selfie with a Giant Elf – PS 185 Fundraiser


    Go buy your family some books at the Bookmark Shoppe, enjoy a glass of wine and help PS 185.




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    December 16, 2017

    Manhole Fire on 5th Avenue and 79th Street


    A manhole fire took place on 5th Avenue and 79th Street in Bay Ridge. See video here





    The owners are that car aren’t going to have a clue as to what happened as all the commotion and their car is damaged.





    The Fifth Avenue Trolley is running today, but it got held up with the firetrucks taking care of this and now had to be rerouted a bit to get around this.






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    December 16, 2017

    Kettle Black Ugly Xmas Sweater Party – 12/16


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    December 16, 2017

    Itty Bitty Kitty Cats and Kittens for Adoption – Bay Ridge


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    December 16, 2017

    Warren Chan What the Heck Were You Thinking?



    I was disappointed to see the news about Warren Chan (article by Kadia Goba)


    Although I don’t know Chan personally, I did speak with him online awhile back. He seemed like a man who was very interested in helping his community.  I was sad to see that he was so rude on social media.  Chan is best known for speaking up for the Asian community in this part of Brooklyn when others haven’t. He was adamant about looking at the tenant’s side of illegal home conversions as well. What was he thinking? Didn’t he realize that people respected him? 


    Of course Justin Brannan kicked Chan off of his transition team. That wouldn’t surprise anyone in Bay Ridge as  Justin is on the brink of a very exciting year and doesn’t have time for racism and nonsense like that.


    Chan should issue an apology to Assemblywoman Yuh-Line Niou. His comment was uncalled for, lewd and disrespectful. 


    This is not the first time that I have seen an member of the Asian community lash out at Assembly member Yuh-Line Niou. The other time was just as unwarranted and Niou has always been very professional in her response. 




    Assemblywoman Niou holds Shelly Silvers old seat in the NY Assembly.



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    December 15, 2017

    Another School on Lockdown Yesterday



    On Wednesday Fort Hamilton High School had a lockdown because one student believed they saw another student with a gun.


    Today there was another incident:





    Early this morning,  a 13 year old student at the Rachel Carson High School for Coastal Studies was arrested for bringing a  BB gun and a knife to school. Thank God no one was hurt.





    The Rachel Carson High School is inside of I.S. 303 on West Avenue (there are 4 schools in one building)





    Story here

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    December 14, 2017

    Pam Harris Holds a Climate Change Meeting, but Didn’t Invite Bay Ridge



    Pam Harris is the elected NY Assembly member for part of Bay Ridge. It’s clear that she doesn’t realize that.


    Harris is rarely in Bay Ridge and doesn’t run many events here. She knows Bay Ridge is a gerrymandered district, but continues to run co-sponsor most events in Coney Island. I don’t see her running many events on her own there either.  


    This week she ran an event with Bill Colton. After the event, she wrote on her Twitter and Facebook pages that she was invited to speak at the event. The event was very small (the first row contains the speakers)


    Bill Colton put Harris’ name as a sponsor of the event (see the bottom of the flyer).  Obviously she doesn’t know she was a sponsor of the event and Colton just put her name on the flyers.  I saw Colton put Nancy Tong’s name on meetings when he and Harris tried to push out-of-district, Nancy Tong on our district. 






    Strangely, Assemblywoman Harris didn’t mention the Climate Change event on social media or her website. The event was held at Il Centro Italian Community Center on 87th Street and 13th Avenue, so it would have been convenient for Bay Ridge residents to attend. 



    Does Colton consider Pam Harris an expert on Climate Change because she lived in an area of Brooklyn that was hit by Hurricane Sandy?  Harris’ degrees are in health, human development and family studies, so I am not sure why Colton would have been asked to be on the panel.  Some of the people on the panel have been working or fighting for the environment for years and although they don’t live in our area, I recognize their names from their work/activism.




    Harris hasn’t introduced any legislation involving the environment, so it’s strange that her name is on the panel. Wouldn’t it have been more productive of Colton to invite an Assembly member who has been active in environmental issues to be on the panel?  Harris also didn’t say much when Coney Island Creek has 200,000 pounds of pollution added to it every day. As a lawmaker, Harris could have written a bill to protect the Creek, but she didn’t.



    If Harris has become an expert in climate change, we won’t know about it in Bay Ridge as she rarely holds events here. She is mostly here for picture-taking moments, like festivals or visiting senior centers. Nicole Malliotakis, the other Assembly representative for Bay Ridge does the same low end form of politics in Bay Ridge, so I guess Harris figures this is acceptable.  A lot of politicians play up to the senior citizens in Bay Ridge because they vote in elections. 


    If you look on Harris’ website, the last time she posted a press release was in October. 





    Maybe we will see a cheesy press release about this meeting. Colton loves to load the paper with press releases.  I wonder if one of the publications will tell how few people were in attendance.



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    December 14, 2017

    Blood Drive – December 19th




    Blood Drive at the 62nd Police Precinct


    1925 Bath Avenue from  1:00 PM—  7:00 PM  on Tuesday December 19th


    For more information: 800-688-0900



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    December 14, 2017

    Here’s the Real Problem with What Marty Golden Did……


    Since we lived in Bay Ridge, we’ve had someone flash a badge at us while we were driving. We followed them and called 911 with the man’s plates. The police didn’t do anything. The cyclist saw a placard – so something was flashed at him. He pursued it because he knew it was not a  NYPD parking card.


    If Marty Golden did that move in Bay Ridge and one of his staff member’s children were involved, they wouldn’t be tweeting nonsense to defend them.


    Marty’s wife, children and friends live here with us. They know Marty. And they know if the words that were exchanged were his. 


    Marty told Channel 1 that his car was in the bike lane. At that point, he should have apologized. Knowing that he had his 4000+ pound vehicle on the road where it didn’t belong, he had to realize it would be upsetting to the the man on the bike.



    If the cyclist was creating a road rage situation, why was Marty Golden hiding from him? The pictures clearly show that Golden didn’t want to be photographed. And Golden LOVES photos.  Golden’s wife and children can see him hiding. Most men don’t have to hide from anyone UNLESS they have done something wrong. 



    Why didn’t Golden’s staff issue an apology to the driver once they knew that Golden’s car was in the bike lane. Yes, he may have been avoiding blocking the box, but the cyclist wasn’t wrong. And good men like him shouldn’t be called a liar when they came forth to tell what had happened. It’s fine to tell Golden’s side of the story, but also have the decency to issue an apology.   


    Some of Golden’s staff cries on social media about the littlest things, but they didn’t say anything about their boss and the very strange encounter with a cyclist.



    In an interview, Golden said maybe the cyclist thought he was a cop. No one thinks he looks like a cop anymore. I am pretty sure “his driver” would be insulted that someone thought he looked like a cop in his designer duds.


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    December 14, 2017

    Saturday Night Fever 40th Anniversary in Brooklyn



    Forty years ago, Saturday Night Fever was released  in theaters. John Travolta played the main character, Tony Manero and his dance moves made the movie a hit. And people are still celebrating it!


    BayRizz shared his Tony Manero moments here



    You can own Tony Manero’s house in Bay Ridge is at 221 – 79th Street – it’s for sale here. You can look inside:



    2001 Odyssey Disco is currently a Chinese restaurant called Bamboo Garden. An Italian man spent  $200,000 to recreate the Odyssey Disco for one night so he could dance in the same place as Tony Manero did in the movie. see story



    It looked great: here,  here, here, here



    Of course everyone wants to see the famous Lenny’s Pizza, seen here:






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    December 14, 2017

    Luckiest Empty Storefront in Bay Ridge


    You may see an empty storefront in the picture below.






    But this is the luckiest empty storefront in Bay Ridge.  8115 – 3rd Avenue – the rent is $2500 – see listing


    This was Justin Brannan’s headquarters. Brannan won the election and is Bay Ridge’s Councilman-elect.


    While he no longer needs this office, the good luck remains in this place…..for the next occupant.


    Be strategic though….there is a supermarket across the street and a parking lot for the supermarket adjacent to the “lucky store.”   There are a lot of good standard stores on the street – a dry cleaner, hair salon, pizzeria and dentist. It would make a great spot for karate school, piano school or place where parents could drop off their child and get all their shopping done while their child was enjoying learning something.




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    December 13, 2017

    Cathy’s Place Closed? Bay Ridge


    On the corner of 96th Street and 4th Avenue was a small diner called Cathy’s Place. On any given day, you could stop in to grab a coffee and see all the local people in the neighborhood. Today I heard they are closing up.


    I hate to see these classic places where people gather close their doors. And the woman who owned this place was a very nice person.




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