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  • July 29, 2015

    Fresh Seafood in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

    seafood in bay ridge

    I love seafood! I like almost all types except maybe scallops (someone served undercooked scallops one time).  During the Winter, I don’t eat fish as often because I don’t like the lingering smell it leaves in the house. In the Summer, it’s so easy to cook fish on the grill. I love fresh fish and it has been increasingly easier to find it in Bay Ridge.


    We’ve found some great places to buy fresh fish in Bay Ridge:


    1) Brooklyn Market 8102 3rd Avenue  Brooklyn 11209 – huge parking lot across the street

    the fish counter at Brooklyn Market has very fresh fish and a good selection as well. The man working there is very helpful as well. The prices aren’t cheap, but they are what you expect to pay for fish.


    2) Cosentino’s Fish Market   6922 3rd Avenue  Brooklyn 11209 between Ovington and Bay Ridge Avenues  t Ovington Ave & Bay Ridge Ave  (they moved over the Winter so if the address looks strange, that’s why)

    I like this place. It has an okay selection, but the guy always tells me that I can call in my order and he will have it ready for me.  I want to tell him that I just thought of getting some shrimp two minutes before stepping into his store, but I am sure he doesn’t want to hear that. So call him if you want something(718) 745-4710


    3) Foodtown 9105 3rd Avenue Brooklyn 11209

    I know this one surprises me too! Foodtown has the worst bananas (they are always green – call me if you see yellow bananas in there). Their fish department is pretty good. I’ve even purchased live lobste from Foodtown and it was awesome!


    4) I have one more place to add to this list. It was a place I went to on 13th Avenue all the time for more than 10 years. The fish is fresh, inexpensive – even the lobster tail is cheap here.  I have to get the name and address and put it here.


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    July 29, 2015

    We Recharged the Air Conditioning in the Car – It’s was Easy!

    Many years ago, I dated a car mechanic. I know he doesn’t read my blog, but I believe his brother has stopped by a few time. So G give this message to your brother.  “I recharged the air conditioning in my car.”  BTW years ago, said boyfriend told me that it wasn’t possible for a person to fix their own air conditioning…..maybe that was true at the the time, but I think it was probably that he didn’t want to fix my car on his free time off from work (because he was a talented mechanic and was known for being a master mechanic).

    Anyway, we purchased a bottle of recharge from Home Depot, watched this video twice and then we did it. It was sooooo easy!


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    July 29, 2015

    St. Ephrem School will have 300 new UPK seats in September

    Whoever thought of putting a large amount of UPK seats in Saint Ephrem’s School is a genius!  The school is in a good central spot in community and more Pre-K seats were desperately needed in Bay Ridge as many people received UPK seat (Universal Pre-K – the free kindergarten program Mayor Deblasio enacted throughout NYC) in Manhattan. St. Ephrem School is located at 7415 Fort Hamilton Pkwy # 16, Brooklyn, NY 11228. The only bad thing about this location is that there is no train nearby for parents to hop on after they drop off their children at school.

    And Saint Ephrem’s needs more students due to low enrollment in Catholic schools – not just here in Brooklyn, but throughout the city. If St. Ephrem is your alma mater, you may not like it that it will have a large kindergarten population because it’s different than what you kn ow, but life moves and  changes pretty fast when you aren’t watching.

    And Vincent Gentile posted this:<center.

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    July 28, 2015

    Jasons in Bay Ridge is Closing

    Sorry to see Jasons is closing. It was in business for 75 years.  At one time there they were the store to go to. My grandmother even went to Jasons (but a different location on 5th Avenue that closed many years ago).


    Story here http://homereporter.com/sunset-park-fixture-jasons-closing-after-75-years/

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    July 28, 2015

    Movie Filming 75th street and 14th Avenue Brooklyn on July 29, 2015

    What are they Filming 75th Street and 14th Avenue in Brooklyn on Wednesday, July 29, 2015?

    The movie being made in Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights is called Silent Treatment.

    07/29/2015 01:00 PM
    07/29/2015 09:00 PM  Description: Jake and Tony rollerblade into and around Owls Head Park in Bay Ridge 


    Greg Kinnear and Jennifer Ehle are a couple who inherit a home in Brooklyn home, while Garcia plays a single mother who runs the dress shop downstairs.  Director Ira Sachs.

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    July 28, 2015

    Happy Anniversary Skinflints – Low, Low Prices Bay Ridge

    Skinflints is celebrating their anniversary and has a special low cost menu – they rolled back the prices.

    You know it’s gong to be packed in there when they have a menu with these prices. Yes that is $2.75 for a bacon cheeseburger.

    skinflints menu

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    July 25, 2015

    Micro Center Geek Paradise in Brooklyn

    Micro Center is an huge and amazing computer store located at: 850 3rd Avenue near 31st Street in Brooklyn.

    Micro Center is open everyday from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm, except Sunday which is 11:00 am – 6 pm.

    Mico Center reminded me of the old CompUSA or Datavision stores in Manhattan years ago. I was glad to see the huge selection of Mac and PC computers, equipment, hardware, wires, converters (I always need converters) and books.

    Just a small FYI – this place has a very clean bathroom right in the front of the store (to the left of the entrance and down the hall.^



    Apple folks have the Genius Bar, we have the Knowledge Bar.


    Hello Alienware computer and curved monitor.



    They even sell a good supply of televisions.



    Wires and every possible converter.

    microcenter (7)

    One aisle of kits for kids. (Remember this for Christmas)

    microcenter (2)

    microcenter (1)

    Lee had his eye on this.

    crackedsidewalk (16)

    Don’t leave without getting some paper – $1.99.


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    July 25, 2015

    Swimming Lessons for Children in Bay Ridge

    Swim Lesson for babies 3 months old and up and children in Brooklyn


    swim lessons for kids in Bay Ridge Brooklyn


    1) American Red Cross Swimming Lessons at the Fort Hamilton Army Base Pool.  

    For children age 3-18 to learn to swim.

    The site says that classes have 3-5 children. $175 for 6 hours – Classes are 1 hour each and they meet twice a  week (either on Monday and Wednesday OR on Tuesday and Thursday).  Younger children need to be accompanied by a parent in the pool. 

    New swim classes start all of the time (e-mail them for the next available class:  dgrockersmusic@gmail.com) . 

    American Red Cross trained instructors – this program is run by DGRockers and you can contact them:   516-690-7898    

    DGRockers office is at: 907 72nd Street Brooklyn (They teach other things like guitar too)



    2) Bay Ridge Aquatics Institute (BRAINS)   at Fort Hamilton High School    83 Street & Colonial Road (347) 267-9469  – Entrance is on 83rd Street – halfway between Narrows and Shore Road.

    Swimming classes  for children 5 years old and up

    Pool is cool water – not heated. Children learn fast because they are consistently swimming for 9 days straight (5 days one week and then 4 days the next week). During the summer, classes start each day at 12:00 pm and then go throughout the day.   Each class meets for 50 minutes  $190

    Need to have: a bathing suit, towel and bathing cap   optional: swim goggles

    This swim class is very popular and sometimes there is a waiting list for it.

    BRAINS also has a program to teach adults to swim.


    3) St. Patrick’s Church has Swim Lessons  at Fort Hamilton High School Pool    83 Street & Colonial Road Brooklyn

    For Children in Grades K-3  – 7  Lessons are given on Wednesday evening in February and March (register in January)   $125

    E-mail: bklynstingrays@aol.com    



    4)  Poly Prep Swimming Lessons   9216 Seventh Avenue Brooklyn   (718) 836-9800

    Lessons for ages children ages 2-16.     See schedule of classes here.  

    $200 for 10 half hour lessons

    4 or 5 kids per instructor.  Pool is usually warm.

    Mommy and Me Classes for 2 and 3 year olds are really just splash around and get used to the water classes – not the same type of instruction as they would give a 4 or 5 year old.

    If you go in the Summer time, the swim lessons are in the outdoor pool which is only 2-3 feet deep.


    5) Dolphin Swimming at New Utrecht High School – 1601 -80th Street

    Lessons for children ages 6 and up. Adults too

    One teacher – 4 students

    Classes are 45 minutes each – $290 for Level 1 / $510 for Level 2 and up (90 minutes)

    Heated pool


    6)  JCH – Jewish House of Bensonhurst Swim Academy  7802 Bay Parkway

    Mommy & Me for children 2.5 – 4 years old  –  Lessons for children age 4 -14

    $290 dollars for one class per week


    7) Swim Koi – They have group lessons (4 children in a lane) and individual lessons. Good reviews.

    Lessons for children 6 months and up (Baby Koi classes for children 6 months to 2 years)

    You purchase 10 group lessons for about $27.50 each plus $10 registration (see registration and prices here)

    Two locations for Swim Koi:

    • The Block Institute 376 Bay 44th street (see schedule) Pool has a low end for children to stand in then goes to 2ft deep  (347) 562-3924 – easy to park on the weekends here.
    • The other location is at East Midwood Jewish Center at 1625 Ocean Ave Brooklyn (see schedule)


    8) Dolphin Swimming at Abraham Lincoln High School – 2800 Ocean Parkway Bklyn

    Lessons for children ages 6 and up. Adults too

    One teacher – 4 students

    Classes are 45 minutes each – $290 for Level 1 /$510 for Level 2 and up (90 minutes)

    Heated pool


    9) Camp Olympia at 237 – 7th Avenue Brooklyn  (718) 748-7084. (the old John Jay High School) 

    Lessons for children 6 months and up. Great reviews. $180 for 8 weeks

    Classes are on Saturday or Sunday for 45 minutes

    Parking is difficult here.



    10) Prospect Park Y (YMCA) at 357 9th Street – New pool – Pool is heated and good for small

    Lessons for children 6 months and up

    Mommy and Me Classes – parents swim with children   Registration online  Prices here



    11) Kings Bay Y (YMCA)   3495 Nostrand Avenue between Ave U and Ave. V  – heated pool     

    Swim lessons for children age 3 months and up –   Cost  $250 per child.

    Mommy and Me Classes. Adult swim classes here as well.

    Private swim classes – $50 a class


    12) Shorefront YMCA/YWCA 
    Coney Island Avenue and Brighton beach

    Lessons for children 3 months and up – adults too   

    Monday to Friday 3:30 to 7:30 pm and early Saturday and Sunday. 718-646-1444 ext. 412            swim@shorefronty.org 



    13) Dodge YMCA225 Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn   (718) 625-3136

    Swimming lessons for ages 3-18. Private lessons available.  

    See prices (around $200 for 1 day a week)

    Type of Class Class Ratios Class Length Monthly Fee
    Private 1 to 1 15 min $ 113.00
    Private 1 to 1 30 min $ 218.00
    Group 4 to 1 25 min $ 80.00
    Parent Tot 8 to 1 30 min $ 70.00
    Stroke Advance 6 to 1 30 min $ 70.00



    14) Imagine Swimming Swim School – 274 Garfield Place in Park Slope

    Lessons for children 4 years old and up  –  See schedule for classes   $44 for a 40 minutes 

    Also several other locations in Brooklyn    Mommy and Me classes –  ages 6 months up

    Students are grouped by age and comfort level in the water.  $44 for a 40 minute class – missed classes can not be made up. You are billed each month and need to send a letter 30 days in advance of when you want to stop lessons.



    15) Sunset Park Pool Lessons –  44th Street and 7th Avenue  *Summer*

    Lessons for children 1.5 to 5 years old, ages 6-17 and adults too

    NY Parks Department Free by lottery (you can win the lottery for multiple sessions)  Register here

    Three sessions available:

    • Session I: July 7 through July 21
    • Session II: July 23 through August 6
    • Session III: August 10 through August 21

    Each session is 6 lessons for the child WITH his or her parent in the water with them up to children age 5. Each session is for 20-30 minutes long.

    Parents can not be near the water with children 6 years. or older. Parents watch from the benches outside of the locker room.

    No floaties or toys (kickboards or balls) allowed in the water.

    This outdoor pool is ice cold except on very hot days. The pool is also deep so a small child can not stand up in this pool.



    16) Red Hook Pool – 155 Bay Street    *Summer*

    Lessons for children 1.5 to 5 years old, ages 6-17 and adults too

    NY Parks Department Free by lottery (you can win the lottery for multiple sessions)  Register here

    Three sessions available:

    • Session I: July 7 through July 21
    • Session II: July 23 through August 6
    • Session III: August 10 through August 21

    Lessons are 30 minutes long. They sing songs and got ythe small children accustomed to the water. Pool noodles allowed to help the children float. The water is cold but not freezing.


    17) Matchpoint – 2781 Shell Road Brooklyn (exit 7 on the Belt Pkwy)  (718) 769-0001

    Lessons for children 6 years -14 . Group and individual lessons. Groups based on ability and age. Adult lessons too.

    Groupon has a deal for parent workout classes.


    18) Aquabeba – at Oliver Park Condominium 100 Masbeth Avenue in Williamsburg

    Lessons for babies 4 months old and up    917-757-3512   Facebook page 

    Parents accompany children in the pool.

    5 weeks $230 (private lessons and other rates here)

    Babies must wear two swim diapers.


    19) Brooklyn Sports Club – 1540 Van Sicklen Avenue Exit 14 on the Belt Pkwy –  20 minute drive 

    Kids Club offers lessons for children age 4 – teen through Swimania

    Swimming cost $176 for a package  Registration here

    The gym is about $650 for parents to join – clean, not crowded, parking available – heated pool



    20) Kingsborough Community College has College for Kids Classes (several sessions throughout the year)

    Swim lessons for children 7-13 – must be 52″ (they measure) 

    Bring towel, combination lock and towel.

    $90 for the morning/$235 all day Saturday session (includes a lot of other activities too)

    Click here and choose College for Kids on the left to see the latest offerings. 

    In the Fall and Spring, they offer these classes on the weekend. (see old one here)

    See this summer’s program – (swimming and other activities)


    21) Groupon Deal for Lessons in Staten Island2 lessons for $29 or 4 lessons for $49 at Avantis


    If you know of any others or yours place is left off of this list, leave a message in the comments and we’ll add it.



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    July 24, 2015

    The Pig Guy Bay Ridge – New Restaurant

    bayridge pig guy


    A new barbecue restaurant opened in Bay Ridge called The Pig Guy 8413 – 3rd Avenue . It’s where the bagel store, Bunch of Bagels used to be; the Pig Guy is located next to the Bookmarke Shoppe Bookstore. Our friend stopped over with some items from the Pig Guy and everything tasted amazing. Part of the Pig Guy Menu

    For delivery: 718-680-0458

    Thomas Perrone, one of the owners was a caterer  and made amazing party food trays!

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    July 24, 2015

    Car Dealerships in Bay Ridge

    We are looking at purchasing a small SUV because our Rav 4 is old. So I am making a list here and I will eventually put them into categories of what we have seen and liked. One issue which is always is a conc

    Here are the car dealerships in Bay Ridge or close to the area. We are looking for new SUV – a small one, but we don’t know what we want so we are going to try a few. We have no preference towards any name brand right now.

    We are looking for a short SUV so it’s easy to park, good case milage and good handling/smooth ride.  No special order, I just grouped dealerships by location.



    Jeep Renegade – I never knew I would be interested in a Jeep, but this one isn’t the same as the college off roading Jeep – it’s a small SUV and so fun! Reasonably priced. We have to take this one for a test drive.

    Toyota – 6401 – 6th Avenue  Rav 4 (179.9 in.).  We own a Rav and loved the Rav.  The problem is that the newer Rav is bigger.




    Honda – CRV (179 inches) – didn’t even want to test drive it –  8801 – 4th Avenue (next to 7/11)

    Volkswagon – the Tiguan – Test drove it and I didn’t like it – not smooth, cheap looking interior& bad gas mileage. I thought our old Rav felt better inside and rode better  8910 – 4 Avenue

    Audi – looking at the Q3 and Q5 (182 inches long)  665 65th Street   It’s almost 40K and looks like the Rav 4 inside. I am an Audi car fan so I was surprised I didn’t love this SUV.

    Volvo – 8919 – 4th Avenue  XC-60 (182 inches long)

    Fiat – 500X (168 in.)   426 89th Street – I thought I was going to love this one as I am a Fiat car lover. But I didn’t care for the interior layout.

    Ford – Escape (178 in. ) – not a fan of Fords because I have rented them for road trips. I didn’t like the interior – not fun to even sit in.   612 -86th Street  (Flex has good gas mileage) (Edge is 188 inches)


    Haven’t Seen Yet


    Hyundai – Tucson (173 inches)  – not a fan on Hyundai’s 9013 – 4th Avenue – is it still there?

    BMW – 9326 – 4th Avenue   Looking at the X1 (176 inches) or the X3 (183 in)

    Chrysler/Dodge/Buick – 8825 5th Ave  –  want to try the Dodge Nitro (178) &  Buick Encore (168 inches) – weird shape?

    Land Rover Range Rover Evoque – at the Volvo store

    Chevy – 5200 Kings Highway  –  want to try the Chevy Trax (167.2) or the Equinox AWD

    Cadillac 5200 Kings Hwy      SRX (190 – too large)

    Lexus – 6502 – 5th Avenue  (all SUVs too long for us)

    Lincoln – MKC (179.2 in.)  6502 – 5th Avenue

    Nissan Rogue 6501 5th Ave, Brooklyn  (888) 251-7530

    Subaru – 1819 Cropsey Avenue – looking at the Sportstrek (175 inches) or Forester (180)

    Mercedes – GLA (173)   GLK (178)  1800 Shore Pkwy

    Infinity – 20 Neptune Avenue QX50 (182 inches)

    Acura – 2751 Nostrand Ave  Looking at the RDX (184 in.)

    Mitsubishi – Outlander Sport (185 in.)  5910 Church Ave (Bay Ridge one closed)

    Kia – Sportage (175 inches) – 428 89th Street – is it still there…..if not 789 Coney Island Ave  or 1819 Cropsey Avenue I loved the look of the old Sportage, but we test drove one of these years ago and hated it  Then there is the 

    Mazda 5701 Northern Blvd  Queens – would like to see the CX-5 (178 in)




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    July 22, 2015

    Car Robbery Bay Ridge July 21, 2015


    robbery in bay ridge


    Bay Ridge peeps – lock up your cars and homes and put on your alarms!


    A car was broken into on Shore Road and 96th Street on 7/21/15. The car was locked and outside a building with a doorman.  Over the weekend, it was reported that two guys were trying to gain entry to people’s homes in the 90’s  – below 3rd Avenue.

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    July 22, 2015

    WordPress – Can’t Click Add Media or Text Editor After Update


    wordpress problem text and visual boxes

    I updated wordpress to 4.3 and then I wasn’t able to click the Add Media Button or the Text Editor after the Visual Editor.  One of the plugins must not be working correctly with the new WordPress.

    I disabled all of the plugins and everything worked fine. One of the plugins must not work with the new version of wordpress. When I enable each one and see which one it is, I will update here. Update: For me, the plugin Yoast wasn’t working (it’s a site map program)

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