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October 24, 2020

Early Voting in Bay Ridge and Sunset Park




I see Bay Ridge is  just as excited  to Vote Andrew Gounardes out! 


Panicked Democrats should have told Andrew Gounardes not to take money from a developer (See here),  so they didn’t have to hold a sign this morning.  See pic and pic





The long lines are because it is the only voting area open now – it’s not a sign of high voter turnout, so make sure to set a time to vote.

My neighbor was there at 11:00 am. She got home at 12:40 pm.  





Above, a kind resident was asking about a chair for the elderly.  I’m always glad to see how kind people are to each other.

Why didn’t politicians think ahead and provide seating for the elderly outside the polling sites? 

Yesterday Councilman Brannan wrote about Arabic translators being needed for voting. Why did Brannan wait until the day before voting to do this?  (See here)  It’s not like early voting is surprise party.



OLPH polling site is busy too, but not like Ft. Hamilton:





Plenty of time to vote all week: 





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October 24, 2020

Clockface Coffee Chalkboard


Clockface Coffee is at 275 74th Street in Brooklyn.





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October 24, 2020

Balady in Bay Ridge Sells Furniture







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October 23, 2020

South Brooklyn Police Meeting 10/26



Monday, October 26th from 7:00 – 9:00 pm, there is virtual meeting on Zoom called Southern Brooklyn’s Listening Session by the NYPD. 

To register for this Zoom meeting – go here




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October 22, 2020

Sneakers Up – 60th and 3rd Avenue


Tony shared this picture taken on 60th Street and 3rd Avenue in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. 

In my teens, a friend said that on her block in Bensonhurst, everyone threw their Converse sneakers up when they a teen on their  block died. I thought that was an interesting idea. 


In Sunset Park, when I was a kid, we threw the sneakers up on an afternoon when we were bored.  It would take awhile to get a pair caught on the wires.






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October 22, 2020

Alpine Movie Theater Gets a Makeover



WPIX 11 visited Alpine Theater. See here




The Bay Ridge movie theater will be 100 years old next year and it’s owner is giving the place a makeover!



A new concession stand.





While movie theaters throughout NYS are opened this weekend, NYC movie theaters can not open yet.





Nick Nicolauo, owner of Alpine Movie Theater wrote on social media:

“I am not going to be the one to shut down New York’s oldest operating cinema since 1921. Next year will be our 100th year anniversary. Together with our community we’ll fight every day to preserve our historic movie house.  We have been in the red for some time.  If we go down, we’ll go down fighting together because Brooklyn New Yorkers are brave and proud.  Thank you,  Nick”   

Look at the ceilings:








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October 22, 2020

Dear Joanne Seminara & Chris McCreight




The Democratic District Leaders made a pathetic plea for Andrew Gounardes.  (See here)

Dear Joanne Seminara and Chris McCreight,

How dare you recommend a candidate in our community who took money from a developer!  (See here)


Why did you run to be a district leader?  


You all had one job – choosing a viable candidate.

Andrew Gounardes is owned by a developer.  This community said NO to Steve Saperstein two years ago because he accepted money from a developer. 


Joanne Seminara,  you know Andrew couldn’t stand up to the Mayor and Governor.  Here’s Andrew speaking in Albany to give tax breaks to all of New York State, except New York City. Andrew posted this video because he thought he did a great job.



Why didn’t Joanne Seminara speak up when Gounardes gave tax breaks to Cuomo?  Gounardes had the power to change the property tax rate (yes, the senator does that). 


On October 16, 2019, Gounardes said he was waiting for de Blasio (see here). There was no reason for Andrew to wait, he had the power to change the law!  Where was Joanne Seminara then?


The Democratic Party Leaders listed Andrew’s  accomplishment as putting up Little Libraries.  That’s a scout project – not the senator’s job. 


The Bay Ridge Democrats’ President,  Chris McCreight used to banter on and on about how terrible it was for politicians to be wrapped up with developers or REBNY.   Why was McCreight silent now when Democrats in Bay Ridge are doing the wrong thing? 


Joe Bova – When Andrew Gounardes didn’t put up a sign on his office, why didn’t you tell Andrew to do his job?  Did the female District leader, Tori Burhans think anything was wrong with Gounardes taking money from a developer? Oh yeah she works for him, so silence is golden.   




Anyone voting for Andrew Gounardes sends the message to Andrew and Justin Brannan that it is okay to continue taking money from developers. 




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October 22, 2020

Spumoni Gardens Killer Sentenced



Andres Fernandez was sentenced to 24 years to life in prison for killing Louis Barbati, co-owner of L&B Spumoni Gardens.  See story here

Louis Barbati was shot outside his home on 12th Avenue in the 70’s in June 2016. 

DA Eric Gonzalez thought the sentencing would bring solace to the family.  It doesn’t. It doesn’t change one thing for that family who lost their father/husband right outside their home.





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October 22, 2020

Young and Healthy Soccer in Brooklyn



See their website here






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October 21, 2020

Cuomo’s New School Zone Map for Brooklyn



School will open on Monday for schools in the Yellow Zones announced Governor Cuomo as he adjusted the Covid zones in Brooklyn and Queens. Check your school’s address here.


Businesses can open on Thursday.   


Here’s the zones and what can happen in each:




Churches and other houses of worship can open at 50% in the yellow zone and 25% in the red zone.





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October 21, 2020

Vito Bruno – What You Need to Know



Vito shared a crime at church in Marine Park on Twitter:



Someone responded to Vito’s tweet and his response was a bit off.  (You can see the tweet here


Vito replied:



Vito’s response was what I have wanted to see a politician write to someone who writes something that aren’t appropriate.   

Hardly anyone is going to see Vito’s response, so I wanted to highlight it here.

This is the type of leader Bay Ridge needs.  We don’t need a professional politician who is taking money from a developer (yes Andrew Gounardes did – see here). We need someone who is able be a leader and send a clear message to anyone who needs it.

We have a diverse community with smart children and teens. Teens in this community need to know that politicians will make a statement and not accept  offensive comments from people. They need to feel comfortable in their community.



Death to America statements (see here)

Death to Israel (see here)

Or any statements like go back to your county!


No politician in this area made a statement to a newspaper about this video, yet several of them call the paper or send a press release when they exhale.



Senator Andrew Gounardes ignored Death to America and Death to Israel, even though many people told Andrew about the videos on social media. Gounardes did not speak up or make a statement about this video.  Was Andrew silent because he knew the person or because he didn’t care? 

I saw someone shared Vito’s cards on social media and he’s very clear on what he stands for:





Vito Bruno and I do not know each other.

I voted for Andrew Gouanardes in the last election and he showed that his political party was more important than this community.



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October 21, 2020

Signed Copies of McConaughey’s Book




The Bookmark Shoppe is selling signed copies of Matthew McConaughey’s book Greenlights.




McConaughey said it’s his love letter to life. The memoir is filled with stories, wisdom and lessons learned the hard way.

Think: Who on your Christmas list would like this book?

While you are at the Bookmark Shoppe grab a handmade pumpkin for someone who needs a pink pumpkin!



The Bookmark Shoppe is at 8415 3rd Avenue in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. They can deliver the book too: 718-833-5115




Everyone loves dinos!





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