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June 4, 2020

Virtual BINGO – June 11th

Virtual BINGO will take place on Thursday June 11th at 7:30 via zoom!

The money raised will be for Sunrise Day Camp-Long Island (a camp for kids with cancer and their siblings) 

Suggested donation of $20 a playing card. You will receive your playing cards via email.






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June 4, 2020

Bay Ridge – Candlelight Vigil Postponed

There was supposed to be a candlelight vigil in Bay Ridge, but it was postponed. 

I’ve never heard of a Bay Ridge Coalition, but they are having a protest near Owl’s Head Park.  If you Google the name – there’s nothing there. 




Another group was going to have a prayer service today on 86th Street, but it was cancelled.

This group is running a protest, but I don’t see any information about this protest.

Their graphic does not say “peaceful protest” or families welcome (others have). Maybe they are new at protesting and don’t realize that would be important to people who are looking for a peaceful protest.





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June 3, 2020

Don Mario is Giving Back to the Community 6/4



Don Mario is showing love to the community on Thursday June 4th from 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm . 

Don Mario’s is now at 7204 3rd Avenue and will give a free meal to each person.   It is first come – first serve.

There are a lot of people out of work, so this is a very nice thing to do.

They wrote: “We would lime to thank our community for the love and support from everyone and we want to give back during these hard times. We will get through this as a community #bayridgestrong



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June 2, 2020

Bay Ridge George Floyd Protest #3 – June 3rd



Megan McGoldrick, editor of The Brooklyn Paper tweeted pictures and videos of today’s peaceful protest – here.  She’ll have the story out in the Brooklyn Paper by tomorrow.

The organizers of this event did a great job!  They are the people who will change the world. I like that they came from the other side of Bay Ridge to cover the whole neighborhood with the message. They took a knee on 73rd Street.

Beautiful people with a beautiful message (below).  Good neighbors!!






You will see many Bay Residents came because this was a family-friendly event and they want their children to know that change needs to happen here. Hear the cars beeping and supporting the protesters here.




This protest is being sponsored the Muslims Against Police Brutality. The organizers have said this is a family-friendly, peaceful rally.

Update: Councilman Brannan shared that this protest is being run by youth from a local mosque and he believes it will be a peaceful protest.  See here

The rally is starting in front of Cocoa Grinder at 6823 – 3rd Avenue.  Cocoa Grinder is not the sponsor of the protest.

Protesters are asked to wear masks, bring an umbrella, water and prayer mats….Prayer mats?  Everyone could use a little prayer! 


Bay Ridge please honk and cheer for these protesters – they are trying to change the world!  We all want that change to happen soon.



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June 2, 2020

Pipins #ThisHomeWasHooched Contest


Pipins is having a contest to win liquor!

During my time, when people drank, the term “lit” or “loaded” was used.

Now ‘lit’ means what “cool”  or “fresh” used to mean years ago.  The kids say, “That’s lit.”   


I’m not sure where the word “hooched” came from. Back in the day, people used to use the word “wasted” for drunk.  I don’t care for the word hooched. 

The real purpose of this is to share Pipins Contest where you can win liquor just for sharing a picture and tagging it with Pipins and #ThisHomeWasHooched   

Good contest….and Pipins is a great place! 



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June 2, 2020

Donate Blood on June 8th




Patzer is running for office in Coney Island.




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June 2, 2020

BIDS Charging While Everyone is Closed

No one wants to say the truth about BIDs. But people who have been in a BID know the truth.   

Business owners in other areas are shocked to still be billed even when everything is closed. Read more here

Thankfully, in Bay Ridge, the 3rd Avenue BID didn’t get  voted in. Next month it will be a year that some tried to actively push the BID, but were unsuccessful in it passing because so many voted against it. 





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June 2, 2020

Fire in a Vent on 3rd Avenue and 79th St.

A fire was reported at 7914 3rd Avenue around 12:30 pm today.   

Luckily it was just a small fire in a vent and the FDNY took care of it. 




Small Fire in Vent @CitizenApp

7914 3rd Ave 12:39:55 PM EDT



The Citizen App has videos here.




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June 2, 2020

Darn Donuts Reopens 6/3





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June 1, 2020

Bay Ridge Protest – Round 2 – June 1st



Today Bay Ridge was on the list for a protest at 6:00 pm on 86th Street.   Councilman Brannan wrote that this is the same group sponsoring the protest. (See here)




Their protest yesterday was respectful to George Floyd. Their chants sent a clear message to everyone that they won’t stop until changes are made. 


The stores owners of Claire’s must have been worried about their windows because they hired a boarding company to cover their windows:





Local Youtuber, Dutch Mazz is on his bike and staying ahead of the protesters with his video. Dutch Mazz is awesome because he’s letting everyone watch the protest live!

8:00 PM : The protesters are on 86th Street in front of Century’s chanting:  Freedom, Freedom. Black Lives Matter. Why are we here? George Floyd. No Justice No Peace.  We want Justice!

7:40  Protesters are on 5th Avenue and 75th Street heading towards 4th Avenue.  “Asians for Black Lives” sign.  Chant: No Justice. No Peace. No Racist police. 

7:30 PM Bay Ridge Youtuber, Dutch Mazz started Part 2 of the March.




7:05 PM – The protesters are back on 86th Street. A lot more people joined the protest.

7:00 PM – Protesters passing Food Emporium (Brooklyn Market). I Can’t Breathe Chants. Hands up — Don’t Shoot.



6:50 PM  The protesters are traveling South on 3rd Avenue (at 77th Street)  People are clapping and horns are blaring.  Black Lives Matter. No Justice No Peace. Heading towards 86th Street.


Picture from Dutch Mazz’s Video (see above)

6:40 PM Update:  About 250 people are traveling on Bay Ridge Avenue towards 4th Avenue. Parents with children and a lot of young adults make up the group. Horns are beeping in support which charges up the protesters to cheer.

Picture from Dutch Mazz’s Video (see above)


They are now tuning on Bay Ridge Avenue towards 4th Avenue (they traveled from Century’s on 86th Street North across 5th Avenue).


They took off – “No Justice – No Peace.” The protesters are pumped and fired up, but also peaceful and respectful. Their message is important.


Tonight there are a lot more people with masks carrying signs on cardboard – BLM


Picture from Dutch Mazz’s Video (see above)

Chanting:   Hands Up Don’t Shoot.


Picture from Dutch Mazz’s Video (see above)


These people are doing something different and hoping to make a change.

We want things to change because everyone knows better…..but is still letting things happen that shouldn’t be happening.

Children are learning that this is okay because no one is doing anything to stop it.

NYC now has a curfew from 11:00 pm to 5:00 am.


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June 1, 2020

Seniors – Tech Lesson Online




Senior Tech is one week away! Free event for seniors 60+ to learn tech online.

June 7th to June 13th on Zoom

Visit bayridgecenter.com/senior-tech for more info.





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May 31, 2020





In the afternoon, we heard the protesters were coming to Bay Ridge. Flyers announcing the protest named a Bay Ridge organization. Bay Ridge Cares shared that they didn’t have anything to do with the protest. The protesters came a lot later than they originally advertised, but they came and were peaceful.


Update: 11:05 pm – The protest group is headed back to 86th Street.


10:45 pm – About 40-50 young adults were heading  North on 5th Avenue (towards the lower 80’s). A lot of cars are beeping their horn and supporting the protesters.

The protesters finally came and chanted. 

They chanted” “Hands Up Don’t Shoot.”    “No Justice No Peace.”   “Being Black is Not a Crime.”   “We Can’t Breathe.”   “When Do We Want It Now.”  “We’re Not Looters.”  “You Can’t Silence Us.” “We wont stop until you stop.”   “3rd Degree is Not enough.”  “Black Lives Matter.”  “Charge him with Murder.”  “Peaceful protest.”   They were young, loud, peaceful and wearing masks.   

Cars passing the protesters beeped loudly to show their support to the protesters.

At 10:30 pm, the protesters made their second walk up 86th Street. The protesters took a knee for George Floyd’s name.





DutchMazz stayed with them and kept the neighborhood informed with his live video:





We just drove by and the 68th Precinct Police are standing by waiting for the George Floyd protest tonight. 

Bath and Body Works boarded it’s windows. Duane Reade covered their storefront. But most stores aren’t covered. 

A lot of Ridgites were there to see the protest – Councilman Justin Brannan, his chief of staff  and Andrew Gounardes were standing near 5th Avenue and 86th Street.



Bay Ridge Cares and all the other reliable groups in Bay Ridge are not sponsoring this march.

If Bay Ridge Cares is having a march, they will let us know in the clear way they always advertise their events.  


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