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  • June 22, 2018

    Atlantic City Trip from Bklyn – July 12th


    bus to atlantic city from bay ridge brooklyn

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    June 22, 2018

    Saint A’s Food Pantry Needs Your Help


    Saint Anthanasius Church 2154 61st Street Brooklyn, NY 11204




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    June 21, 2018

    Nicole Malliotakis Voted Against Speed Cameras





    If you are in Bay Ridge and represented by Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis, you need to know that Malliotakis voted against the speed cameras.


    NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill was in Bay Ridge and .urged Albany politicians to vote in favor of the speed camera bill.


    Does this mean Nicole Malliotakis hate the police because she won’t listen to the Commissioner?  I laughed when  I wrote that because the Republicans on Twitter are actually saying stupid things like that when someone says there is a problem with policing.   


    The bill passed in the Assembly still because luckily there are enough people with common sense,



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    June 21, 2018

    Marty Golden Failed to Protect Children


    Senator Marty Golden

    Did anyone ACTUALLY believe Senator Golden was going to get the speed camera bill passed?


    We didn’t. There was nothing in the bill for Senator Golden so he wasn’t going to work to hard.  And we could all see that.


    During the Summer all the existing speed cameras in NY will be turned off. That will benefit Marty Golden. Here’s why.


    Golden is full of empty promises to this community and deals for his cronies.   Several years ago, Senator Golden pulled a bill to give tax breaks to developers in Manhattan (with nothing for Bay Ridge residents).  The community called on Golden to be a champion and he failed.


    In November, it’s time to move on from Golden and get a real representative for Bay Ridge.



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    June 21, 2018

    Rock the Block – Free Event 6/23


    Rock the Block Bay Ridge Arab American June 2018


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    June 21, 2018

    Welcome Summer – Brooklyn Brewery




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    June 20, 2018

    Trump Showed Us Dan Donovan is a Republican Robot


    President Trump realized separating children  from their parents wasn’t acceptable, so he issued an order for them to stay together.

    Those who crossed the border aren’t here legally because the system is messed up. While some think it is fine to be mean to any person who illegally crossed our border, many Americans spoke out.


    Congressman Donovan did not do anything to help the children or call for a evaluation of the current plan. Sometimes plans need to be evaluated.


    Most people in this district are Conservative and they don’t want children harmed. Why are these politicians so different from us?  Even Trump changed when he heard America stand up.  Dan Donovan was too worried about going against Trump.  Instead Trump stepped away from Dan and other Republican Robots and spoke out BECAUSE EVERYONE KNEW IT WAS WRONG.


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    June 20, 2018

    School of Rock Auditions – Bay Ridge


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    June 20, 2018

    Saint A’s Blessing of the Bikes – June 24th


    Saint Athanasius is having the Blessing of the Bikes on Sunday, June 24, 2018. It’s cool that a church reaches out and does things like this. This event is for regular bicycles that children and adults ride, as well as moped and motorcycles.


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    June 19, 2018

    Marty Golden Doesn’t Fight for Bay Ridge



    You see the people in this picture….they are fighting for our community.


    Why? Because Senator Golden doesn’t  fight hard. Sure he is supporting the bill NOW, but he has been an opponent speed cameras for years.   Golden recently said he will support the legislation – probably because he realizes that this issue will be enough for people to vote him out of office.    But the reality is he is just pandering.   


    If Marty was fighting for you and I – we would see him rallying his friends in the Senate. This should be a done deal.


    Remember those State Senators supported Golden’s bill which gave tax breaks to developers in Manhattan…..If Marty can rally for developers, then he can rally for safer streets in Bay Ridge. 


    If Marty Golden did his job, the Police Commissioner would not need to come to Bay Ridge to discuss speed cameras. YES THE COMMISSIONER WAS HERE. In 2013, Golden said “speed cameras would take away police jobs.”  Apparently James O’Neill thinks that speed cameras are effective and they work with the NYPD or he wouldn’t have spent his time coming to our community.   


    When we could be using technology to help keep children safer, we haven’t been because the senators have blocked this bill. In 2013, Golden complained the technology wasn’t proven.


    The NYC Police Department Commissioner, James O’Neill was in our Bay Ridge joining Justin Brannan to support the speed camera bill that should have been taken care of YEARS AGO. 


    Andrew Gounardes and many people in this community believe Marty Golden needs to work harder on this. Gounardes tweeted about it and Golden wrote a whiny response. 


    I never thought of Golden as being whiny so that might be his staff writing this. 






    Andrew Gounardes is ready to fight for Bay Ridge.






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    June 19, 2018

    Reform Party Smack Down


    Senator Marty Golden Bay Ridge



    Marty Golden talked about the Reform Party backing him in front of his supporters.  He mentioned the Reform Party as if it was A DONE DEAL. Truthfully, my eyes rolled….but I still held out hope.


    And then it happened……..SMACKKKKKKKKKKKK.  Marty Golden didn’t receive an endorsement from the Reform Party!!  It was the SMACKK-KK-K that rippled through the community both online and off. Even people just mildly interested in politics were following this!


    Not only had the Reform Party not handed the endorsement to Marty, they offered to let Golden face off against Andrew Gounardes in a primary election for their endorsement. LOL!  We can imagine Bob Capano slyly smiling…..Bob had what Golden wanted. Bob couldn’t be bought.  That also makes him an important player here. 


    People were whispering: What if Senator Golden loses?  OHHHHH YEAH  those are sweet, sweet words. (Read that sentence again in a whisper). 


    UPDATE:  SENATOR GOLDEN REFUSED THE OFFER TO PRIMARY ANDREW GOUNARDES. (Wait Paula Katinas wrote an article that didn’t praise Senator Golden – What the heck is going on?  Is it my birthday?)  WOOHOOOO!


    Senator Golden has exposed his #NotSoGolden side this year. Many of his former loyal followers aren’t so loyal now that they know the truth.  There was this, thisthis and this.


    In regular non-political terms:  Bob Capano received no support from Marty Golden in his run for office last Fall. Marty pushed the losing campaign of John Quaglione. The Conservative Party was less than cordial to Capano (just downright nasty).  Now that Capano is the Chairman of the Reform Party, the Conservatives are trying to downplay his influence. But no one can deny that Capano played a role – maybe even a deciding role in the last election.  


    Actually some people believe that this smackdow may have been building up since the 2013 election when Senator Golden supported the losing campaign of  Joe Lhota for mayor over Capano’s ally, John Catsimatidis. If you don’t know who John Cats is, he is the billionaire who is building high-rises all over the city like it’s a game of Monopoly.


    Anyway, the political chitchat is everyone knows that the Reform Party matters now….those claiming it don’t are the most afraid.



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    June 19, 2018

    Rats in Bay Ridge?


    rats in Bay Ridge


    Last night at the Community Board 10 Meeting, Doris announced that Josephine Beckmann, District Manager of Community Board 10 was going to go on a Rat Walk with the Department of Health because there are some rat infestation problems in the district.  Heebeegeebeez!!!   It’s NYC and we know it’s not always going to be roses and sunshine, so I am glad to hear Josephine is doing this. That woman works hard for this community!!



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