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  • July 3, 2015

    Where can I see fireworks in Brooklyn on July 4, 2015




    On Friday July 3, 2015, you can see Fireworks at Fort Hamilton Army Base – info here


    What is there to do during the day on July 4th in Brooklyn?

    1) Go to the Beach

    2) Have a barbecue

    3) During the day In Bay Ridge there is a huge picnic with live music on 82nd Street and Shore Road from 12:00 – 7pm


    Where can I see fireworks in Brooklyn on July 4th?

    1) You can see the fireworks from the 69th Street Pier on Shore Road in Bay Ridge because the fireworks are on the East side again this year. Get their early because the police close the pier when it gets too full

    2) FIreworks in Coney Island – you can see them at  9:45 pm on the Boardwalk

    3) Bush Terminal Park – 43rd Street and First Avenue Brooklyn

    4) Brooklyn Bridge Park – again this place gets very busy so you have to get there before 6 (fireworks start around 9pm)

    5) Promenade in Brooklyn Heights


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    July 3, 2015

    FIreworks Tonight in Bay Ridge July 3, 2015 – Fort Hamilton


    Free event at the Fort Hamilton Army Base from 6-10 pm – you need a ticket (they are out of tickets) But you can still see the show from Shore Road

    I received this in e-mail: There will be a fireworks display off of Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn on Friday, July 3, 2015 at 9:45 PM

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    July 3, 2015

    Nicole Malliotakis is So Far Out of Touch with NYC

    Mayor DeBlasio took a vacation with his family. It was noted all over the news. He left on June 28th.


    On June 29th, Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis tweets: 

    malliotakis nonsense as usual

    So while Mayor DeBlasio is on vacation with his family, Mallioakis wants him to answer her questions. Incidently, Nicole Malliotakis just said YES to the “Big Ugly” bill which gave a tax rebate to Upstate and Long Island homeowners, but nothing to NYC homeowners.  

    On July 1st,  tweeted about the Mayor again. 

    nicole malliotakis clueless

    Malliotakis’ tweets are careless because Mayor DeBlasio did not need to discuss the situation because it was a few individuals looking for attention and the situation was  blown out of proportion by  Marty Golden and Malliotakis (a few media hungry idiots went to the park to burn the flag to show how radical they were – it was such a nonsense gathering that the police didn’t arrest them even though they started a fire in the park).

    Malliotakis is an elected official – why can’t she call or e-mail the Mayor when she wants to relay a message? Why does Malliotakis use social media to speak with him? Incidently, I have called Ms. Malliotakis’ office to speak with her and asked for a return call. Her office staff told me they relayed the message to her and she did not return my call.  Maybe she just doesn’t know how to communicate with people anymore and thinks tweeting her thoughts is sufficient.

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    July 3, 2015

    On Lying

    Why do people lie? Usually someone lies because their reality it’s what they want it to be. They are afraid of their truth so they tell other people what they want their situation to be like. Fear is what pushes people to lie.

    Some people will lie to manipulate other people. I’m not talking about that type of lying. I am talking about the straight out lying people do over the details of their life. I think some people just get addicted to the stories they have crafted about themselves and don’t know how to come clean with the truth. Maybe it works 




    So that works for the general population, but not for people who know you. People who know you, know when you are lying. And these same people are the ones who believe in you so once you lie to them, they start to question everything you say. It’s too hard to trust someone who lies repeatedly.



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    June 28, 2015

    Four Men Stabbed – Bay Ridge 5th Avenue June 28, 2015

    What happened on 5th Avenue in the 80′s in Bay Ridge last night? When we drove back this morning, along 5th and 84th Street the street was sectioned off with tape. We passed quickly but I think it the bar there is called the Hideout (or maybe it was the Hideout years ago). Apparently there was a bar fight and four men were injured. The news said that the men were age 26 – 45 years and they were stabbed in different parts of their body. They were taken to Lutheran Hospital. 


    Update: News story

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    June 15, 2015

    Summer Stroll in Bay Ridge 2015

    The dates for the Summer Stoll on Third Avenue in Bay Ridge are  July 17, 24 and august 7, 14.

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    June 7, 2015

    The Duggars

    I was asked about my thoughts on the Duggars.

    First, I am glad TLC pulled the show as soon as the news of the molestation came out. Sexual abuse should not be tolerated.  And it was sexual abuse, whether these young woman realize it or not.

    I’m surprised that the family came on television.  I think that was a poor choice for them as well. One sister was crying hysterically, while the other tried to defend her brother. The parents also appeared on the show.  For what? To clear their brothers name?  It wasn’t worth their time and embarrassment. These two sisters just got married and this isn’t the way anyone should be starting their lives.

    Sooner or later these women Jessa Seawald and Jill Dillard will realize the full extent of their brothers perversion. Their mother and father can play it off as it wasn’t anything, but really it’s pretty sick. The brother should have been sent away for some intense therapy.  

    As for the brother: Josh Duggar released a statement last month apologizing for acting “inexcusably.” 

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    June 6, 2015

    My Thoughts on Bruce Jenner

    I have been asked so many times about what I think about Bruce Jenner. 

    .I know Jenner’s story is in the news almost everyday, but I just am not interested in it.  I guess it’s good he is happy, but I think at his stage of life, he should realize that what he is doing is affecting people who love him. I feel sorry for his younger girls because they don’t need his type of drama in their life.

    Jenner is a father to multiple families of children. A couple of these kids are just teenagers.  The father they have known all their life is making some huge changes and I am sure it isn’t easy on them. Bruce can think he is changing the world by giving a face to the transgender community, but there are probably a couple of hid kids who are thinking “Couldn’t  he do this quietly?”


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    June 5, 2015

    Crazy Action in Bay Ridge


    I ran over to a friend’s house to give her a hand with some cooking tonight as she was having company. Since we were cooking, the house started to get hot. I opened the back door and the window.

    Five minutes later, the police are running in my friend’s backyard and there are helicopters hoovering in the area.  We ran to the door to lock it, turned down the heat and ran out front. My heart was beating, but I didn’t want to be inside my friend’s home as I wasn’t sure where the bad guy was. I also didn’t want to be outside because I didn’t want to get caught in any frenzy if the bad gy came around the front.  For a long time the police searched for him, but they didn’t  find him.

    Crazy! Nothing like that happens in Bay Ridge. 

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    May 26, 2015

    Local Pols Fail to Protect the NYPD so a Maryland Senator and Obama TCB

    President Obama and Maryland Senator Cardin stepped in and took care of business (tcb) this week to protect not only the NYPD but also police officers nationwide. The President signed Blue Alert into law. Obama named our fallen NY police officers who were killed in Brooklyn in December, Officer Rafael Ramos and Officer Wenjian Liu from Dyker Heights, Brooklyn. 

    Blue Alert is a safety alert similar to the Amber Alert. The Blue Alert system will send out alerts to police officers to warn of threats so they are not caught off guard. 

    In 2008, Florida was the first state that used the Blue Alert system, since then 22 other states passed Blue Alert Laws.  


    Why didn’t New York pass this bill to protect those who are protecting us? Our legislatures failed for years!


    On April 4, 2011, Marty Golden put in the bill S02730 for the Blue Alert System. The bill was never voted on. Assemblywoman Malliotakis entered bill A06662  in the Assembly and that bill never reached the floor either. In 2012, it was held for consideration in government operations 

    In May 2013, Senator Golden issued bill S-2108 and received overwhelming support for it in the senate. The bill went to the Assembly (A2278-2013) and it died in the Assembly. In 2014, the NY senate passed the bill again on Jun 10, 2014. The bill is sent back to the Assembly. Golden is experienced enough to know that this is the third time the bill is going to the Assembly and something needs to be changed.  Golden could have changed the language in the bill or in my opinion, he  should have enlisted the support of influential Democratic assembly members such as such Felix Ortiz or Peter Abbate. The bill used the same wording and did not get voted on in the Assembly - it was referred to governmental operations.

    Golden has been in the Senate long enough to know to get a bill passed. At the same time that the Blue Alert Bill was waiting to be passed, Golden initiated a bill which gave millions of dollars in tax breaks to rich developers using 421-A (you can read more about it here) - this bill passed with the whole Assembly voting for the bill. Yet, he didn’t use Nicole Malliotakis as the Assembly sponsor.  Assemblywoman Malliotakis has been in office for many years, yet she not had any of bills that she initiated as the sponsor make it into law (although she has been named a co-sponsor of bills that have made it into law). Malliotakis has wasted a lot of time fighting against the Dream Act. She could have been pushing her support for the Blue Alert Bill and the safety of the NYPD which seems a lot more important than some undocumented students receiving an education. 


    In 2015, Golden and Malliotakis  submitted the Blue Act bill again and neither the Senator or Assembly have voted on it.  Why wouldn’[t Golden have asked for support from Democrats when he knows the bill didn’t pass in the Assembly for several years? This year, Senator Golden put in several bills for police and firefighters pensions this season. On this bill, Peter Abbate is the co-sponsor, not Assemblywoman Malliotakis. I’ve looked to see how other Republican Senators get their bills through the Democratic-dominated Assembly and they get a democrat on board. For example, Senator Lanza passed a bill and Phillip Goldfeder, a Democrat from Howard Beach was the Assembly lead on the bill (Staten Island Assemblymembers Malliotakis and Borelli are co-sponsors of the bill)


    Thankfully, Maryland Senator Cardin brought the bill to the floor for a unanimous vote and President Obama signed it into law so that the NYPD can have that added protection


    Golden’s Twitter account tweeted this:

    golden proud over someone elses bill

    Nicole Malliotakis retweeted Senator Golden’s message (she runs her account herself so she knows there is no reason to be proud for a failed bill).  

    When I responded to Senator Golden’s twitter account, the response I received was one in which Senator Golden accepts no responsibility for not handling the bill better.  In fact, Golden blames the other political party. This is a senator who has worked with Democrats to get bills he wanted to be passed, but didn’t take the same care to get the Blue Alert Law passed in New York for the NYPD!  

    golden 3

    The next time you see NY Lawmakers posing for pictures with the NYPD.  Remember these lawmakers failed to provide the NYPD with a simple service to save lives. 


    Thank you to all those who sent me information about Blue Alert. 

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    May 21, 2015

    We Stopped Banking With Chase Today


    I recently celebrated another birthday. Strangely on the night of my birthday, I received a call from Chase Bank. I looked at the clock and could tell that the bank was closed at this time so I thought something was wrong. I picked up the phone and an associate from the Bay Ridge 3rd Avenue branch of Chase was on the phone. I asked him if everything was alright and he told me that my bank account information was incomplete. I thought right away that this was a scam call because we did both our mortgage and the refinance of our home through. When you apply for a mortgage, the bank asks you for every bit of information about you and your assets. When we applied for a refinance just a few years ago, we had to do the same thing again. Even though we were Chase customers we had to provide every document. I asked the bank associate to have a manager call me because something was wrong. The bank manager named Bilal called us and I asked him if he was looking at my bank records on the computer. He said he was. I asked him if there was anything he could tell me about my date of birth. He hesitated and said no. I asked him the question again. It was my birthday, if he was looking at my record, he would have been able to tell me that, right?

    Bilal told me that Chase was going to send me a letter. I told him if Chase sent us a letter asking for any info, we would stop banking with them because they have every bit of info in our mortgage and refinance documents.

    No letters came that week, but we received a letter on Thursday. I called the number on the letter and 877-382=8854 and I spoke to four associates. Most of the associates didn’t know what they were talking about and I suspect the letter was a fake because it was signed by Mike Andrews. Andrews does work for Chase, but in Ohio. The letter has a Texas address on it.

    I don’t know if the number is Chase’s or not, but I do know that Chase’ customer service has continued to dwindle as the years have gone one. Remember when you could walk into a bank and the associate knew you?  Those days are over.



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    May 13, 2015

    Missing – Stephen



    Stephen returned home to his fantastic family in Brooklyn. The end.


    Sorry there is no story here for you to read – that’s all that happened.


    Why did he go home?  Because he wanted to.He’s an adult and can do whatever he wants :)

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