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  • February 18, 2017

    Peter Abbate Is Playing Politics to Get a Bigger Retirement Check

    In November, Assemblyman Peter Abbate said:

    Abbate KNOWS Bay Ridge has Justin Brannan. He knows Brannan is experienced and well loved in Bay Ridge because he’s been helping his neighbors for years!

    It’s obvious that Abbate is playing politics because he wants the $145K salary before he retires so his retirement check can be beefed up. If Abbate wanted to be our councilman, he would have ran for the position YEARS AGO. Justin Brannan is known as the Mayor of Bay Ridge and he goes out of his way to help residents. Brannan is at every Bay Ridge event because he loves Bay Ridge. 



    This December, Abbate threw some money to a company to produce some personalized Christmas cards. The company used a strange stamp to represent a company (which hasn’t been in business for years). Bay Ridge got blanketed with Christmas cards from a man that never did anything in our area. Abbate didn’t even know how much the company charged him for the cards.  I don’t think anyone in Bay Ridge wants to see money wasted like this. We want to see money going to schools and funding community projects.



    Yesterday, Peter Abbate announced he is running to be my Councilman. SMH.  You would think he would want all the publicity he can get, but when a Kings County Politics writer reached out to him:





    And that is the type of councilman Peter Abbate will be – a non-responsive one. I personally tried to contact Mr. Abbate in the past and his staff doesn’t  respond at all, even to say they received the message.



    Go back to sleep Peter Abbate.


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    February 13, 2017

    Glad to See Sunset Park Challengers to Carlos Menchaca

    Carlos Menchaca hasn’t been a good Councilman for Sunset Park.

    I grew up in Sunset Park.  It’s a community of people with a lot of heart and love for their neighbors. The City continuously throws junk at Sunset Park like hotels for the homeless  because Carlos Menchaca is a weak leader.  It’s never looked worse. Menchaca wasn’t even around to defend the area against the hotels for the homeless in Sunset Park. Protesters from Queens came in to stand with the people of Sunset Park because they knew what it was like to have the city use their area the same way. People live with their families in these neighborhoods. And the Councilperson needs to be someone who is strong and can stand up to the establishment. Menchaca can’t do that – he hasn’t done it all these years.  Ortiz is against this and would be a strong opponent to Menchaca – he could easily knock Menchaca out. 



    I am really glad to hear that Delvis Valdes is thinking of running.  The area needs fresh blood and this hometown man will lead the area with his heart. Valdes is a winner – he’s a businessman and an attorney so he can fight the system with the law. Menchaca hasn’t been able to do this.  Let’s hope Valdes throws his hat in so Menchaca moves on.


    Industry City wants to have a trolley going through Sunset Park and Menchaca isn’t strong enough to fight them. But Valdes would be strong on this. 

    Menchaca hasn’t found a home in Sunset Park so he isn’t connected to the area – look at where he lives.  Menchaca is  counting on the people of Sunset Park staying home and not voting. 

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    February 12, 2017

    Marty Golden Adds Bay Ridge to the 9/11 Hijackers’ Backgrounds

    Marty Golden went on the Brian Lehrer radio show.  Golden said, “A number of them that drove the planes into the — 9-11 — into the building at World Trade Center that killed 3,000 Americans — are you ready for this? They were in this community, they lived here in Bay Ridge, they were visiting in this community.”

    Golden probably didn’t think anyone in Bay Ridge was going to hear the Lehrer show. 

    You can listen to Golden here

    It’s 15 years after 9/11 and Bay Ridge hasn’t had an incident from a terrorist. We purchased a home here seven years ago. People have to stop being afraid and live their life. The people that are here in Bay Ridge are our neighbors. 


    Staffer, John Quaglione didn’t apologize for Golden’s blabber, which offended many. Instead, Quaglione says that Senator Golden misspoke and referred to one of the men involved in the 1993 bombing that killed six.  No apology was posted to Golden’s facebook or twitter page either.   Typical politician.  

    Max Jaeger was the only reporter to share the story (thank goodness for Max). 




    Ironically, the Brooklyn Eagle didn’t cover the story and we got the same old same – PRESS RELEASE POLITICS.  I don’t understand how these reporters don’t WANT to tell us the news. Paula Katinas printed this story (it’s not much different than the story printed on February 3rd by the same paper) and then there was also the  Chinese New Year story even though Chinese New Year is long gone.


    Bay Ridge residents are buzzing with the hashtag: MartyMyths



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    February 11, 2017

    Apply to by on the Community Education Council (CEC)

    Community Education Councils (CECs)



    The 32 CECs allow for parent involvement on the district level and play an essential role in shaping education policies for New York City public schools. CECs have a total of 12 members: 9 parents of students in grades K-8 (two seats are reserved for a parent of an ELL and a parent of an IEP student), 2 members appointed by the Borough President, and 1 non-voting high school student.   Apply here


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    February 9, 2017

    SYEP – Summer Jobs for Teens in NYC is Open

    Summer Jobs for teens in Brooklyn, Staten Island, Que
    ens, Bronx and Manhattan. Summer 2017

    Young people in Brooklyn or any of the five boroughs can apply for Summer Jobs now until March between the ages of 14 and 24 can apply for Summer jobs between now and March 17th. SYEP stands for Summer Youth Employment Program. Those hired help run the Summer programs for younger kids at many of the local schools.  I know many teens who loved having this job because they did it with other teens and had fun as well!    There are other job positions covered under this application as well – see here.  


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    February 9, 2017

    Third Avenue Winter Festival – February 25th

     Winter Festival on Third Avenue on February 25th from 12:00 – 6:30 pm


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    February 9, 2017

    Democrats for Change Made the News

    Today there was article in the Brooklyn Daily – Courier Life about The Democrats for Change Club.  I have no idea why this club is linked to Bay Ridge as they don’t do anything here and their club president isn’t from this area. I’ve never seen the club speak out against anyone in all the years I have lived here in Bay Ridge.

    The woman in the article was recently in a picture for another paper.  We didn’t think it was weird that she was with the Conservative group. We thought she and the Conservative group were out of touch and didn’t understand the movement amongst neighbors showing concern for neighbors  in Bay Ridge.  There was no anti-NYPD sentiment at the march against hate, but the five people made signs as if they expected hate towards the NYPD. 

    In June, I  found a lot of weird things about the Democrats for Change Club – see here.


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    February 9, 2017

    What the NY Senate and NY Assembly Offices Do Instead of Helping You

    Like us, you may wonder: What the heck do all those people who work for our Senator and Assembly member do in the office.  Answer:  they load my blog several times a day SOOO they probably load all the blogs several times a day!

    Hey workers –  I have a job and I don’t blog all day long. One visit a week is plenty to check if your boss didn’t get blasted on here…..unless of course you like to see your boss blasted for being lazy too?  ;) Then we completely understand.





    We really check our stats to make sure our Uncle Al does his daily load.  Hey Uncle Al – WE LOVE YOU!!





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    February 9, 2017

    Snow Removal Jobs in NYC



    Woohoo there is a snow day today and schools are closed.  There is a blizzard this morning and it was a good call to close schools because it’s pretty harsh outside.  Snow in NYC also means that the Department of Sanitation is hiring.   The city pays $15 a hour  –  call 311 to see if they are hiring near you because it isn’t everywhere in the city. 

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    February 9, 2017

    Suicide – Fire Escape in Sunset Park

    A man hung himself on the fire escape of his building on 61st Street in Brooklyn. It was the first thing I read this morning.


    How awful – that he lived in such sadness, that he died outside in the cold, that his family and neighbors had to find him that way.



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    February 6, 2017

    Dan Donovan – The Congressman Who Forgets He Represents Bay Ridge

    President Donald Trump issued a Muslim Ban and Congressman Dan Donovan doesn’t think he needs to be present for his community in Bay Ridge. People have so many questions and concerns. Donovan wants to hold the title of Congressman, but would rather sit at his desk in Staten Island than travel over the bridge and hold a town hall meeting.


    Has Donovan ever held a town hall in Bay Ridge?


    Press release politics is the name of the game for Donovan. I can bet if I showed ten Bay Ridge residents Dan Donavan’s picture, 9 out of 10 would not be able to identify him either by name or as their Congressman.  

    One day, Dan Donovan’s daughter will have to sit and watch the video of  Eric Garner and this video of  her father being out of touch with the people he is suppose to represent. 


    Since Donovan wouldn’t hear the people (some yelled out to Donovan, “Answer your phone””) they went to him. (See the story and the video)   Donovan is outshined by almost everyone who spoke after him.



    Story here too.

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    February 5, 2017

    Cover of the NewYorker Designed by Bay Ridge Artist

    What a beautiful…..but sad design on the NewYorker Magazine. The artist, John W.  Tomac lives in Bay Ridge. 



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