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March 30, 2020

People Would Take This Seriously If They Saw These Videos


Don’t click here or here if you don’t want to see the reality going on in NYC. This is Maimonides Hospital – don’t click if this is too much for you. 

I feel like we are in a science fiction movie. This is unlike anything we have seen and many people don’t know it’s this bad. London is taking it a lot more seriously – see video (not bag like those above)




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March 29, 2020

Fred Urban (Schnitzel Haus) Hero of the Day







I love that the NY Post is highlighting heroes in NYC.   Bay Ridge residents, Fred Urban and his family were featured today!  See article


Fred Urban and his wife own Schnitzel Haus Restaurant on 5th Avenue.

He and his family made meals for the elderly and homeless in our area.  So kind!






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March 29, 2020

Justin Brannan’s $7,000 Birthday Party



In October 2019, Justin Brannan threw a birthday party fundraiser at The Dyker Beach Golf Course. See invitation here


The party cost almost $7,000. 




See Larger



Brannan was called out on his spending after people saw him playing politics on social media. See tweet.  Home owners are fed up with him pretending to support them when it’s clear after two years that Brannan won’t help them and sides with  Mayor de Blasio. Being disingenuous has brought him a lot of hate.


Councilman Brannan is very out-of-touch since he thinks spending seven thousand dollars on a birthday party for several hours is acceptable. Homeless people lay on the streets in our neighborhood and he has the money for a lavish party for himself! Thirty-four thousand children in NYC live in shelters and politicians want to have fancy birthday parties for themselves? Seven thousand could have paid the rent for two families in our neighborhood.


This is very different from the Justin Brannan that the people elected two years ago. In January 2018 , Brannan held a modest inauguration party at Xaverian High School. Big Difference!

Brannan’s isn’t due for re-election for two years so why is he having parties and collecting money now? See spending



Politicians really believe that it’s their money, so they can do what they want with it. They wouldn’t have that money if it wasn’t for the people electing them to that position. Why doesn’t their family or staff tell them that something is too extravagant or wasteful?  


Maybe Councilman Brannan should have used the money for the Haunted Halloween in Owls Head Park this year. Many were disappointed with this years setup. Brannan knew people were disappointed and said, “Next year, we’ll do it even bigger and better.”   

Ultimately, how does a politician reckon they are entitled to a party, while other people don’t have some place to live? If people wanted to give to the campaign, they would give without attending a ritzy party, right? Looking into who gave contributions to the campaign will be coming soon.


Years ago, the President of the Bay Ridge Democrats used to call out things like this all the time. Why is he silent now? He must support this lavish spending. What changed?


Disappointed to see people who I know and used to respect supporting this. You all know Bay Ridge deserves better!  





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March 29, 2020

Bay Ridge Sends Coffee to NYU Langone Hospital




Blend Coffee and generous people in Brooklyn are sending coffee to healthcare works at NYU Langone Hospital.

This was their third day of deliveries. See their first day.

Today, they sent 130 coffees.

If you would like to donate a coffee, you can:






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March 29, 2020

Lonestar Offers Free Meals to Seniors in Bay Ridge



Lonestar Bar and Grill is doing good!

They are offering meals for shut-in seniors.

Please consider ordering from Lonestar to help them help others. See their menu 









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March 28, 2020

Confession Goes on at OLA Church



OLA adapts during the pandemic and the priest offers confession outside.  Very cool OLA.




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March 28, 2020

Donate N95 or Surgical Masks

If you are an artist or use N95 masks in your workshop, you may be able to help a few healthcare workers stay safe. 






Mask Match is helping people donate their masks. 


Fill out this form and be matched to a healthcare worker who needs a mask.




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March 28, 2020

Growler Delivery in Bay Ridge





What a great news to wake up to!  You can have a growler brought to your home today!  

Irish Haven also delivers cases of beer. 

Irish Haven 718-439-9893



A growler is a glass, ceramic, plastic, or stainless steel bottle or jug used to transport draft beer.





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March 27, 2020

Foodtown Adapted to the Pandemic



Foodtown put up plexiglass on all of their registers to protect their cashiers and customers too. 

On March 9th, the Katz brothers released their video discussing what they were doing to keep customers safe.









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March 27, 2020

NYC Coronavirus Neighborhood Map is Useless

NYC put out a misleading map and Senator Gounardes shared it.


What’s wrong with the map?

It doesn’t say how many people in each neighborhood tested positive. The map only shows what percentage of people WHO WERE TESTED have COVID-19. 







Instead of Gounardes asking the city for clarification on this, he posted it on his Twitter page and people in his area are going to think the area has a low level of coronavirus, as compared to other areas.

Why is the city withholding how many people in each neighborhood have coronavirus?




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March 27, 2020

Paula Katinas – No Longer at the Brooklyn Reporter



Paula Katinas announced on Twitter that she will no longer be working at The Brooklyn Eagle or Brooklyn Reporter.

Katinas said she was starting at a new job on April 6th.

 Good luck to her.



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March 27, 2020

Henry Hardes Liquor Store Delivers



Henry Harde’s Liquor Store is doing free local deliveries every day.   718-748-3686 

Monday- Saturday 11:00 am to 8:00 pm and Sundays 12 to 5 pm.


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