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  • August 9, 2017

    Dyker Heights Woman Stabbed to Death

    Annemarie Vardy, a 52 year old woman was stabbed to death by Michael Dunne, a 42 year old man at 877 Bay Ridge Avenue (near Ninth Avenue) in Dyker Heights early this morning.  If you can’t figure out where this is, it’s just a block away from the McKinley Library.  



    Vardy rented a room from Michael’s Dunne’s mother, 63 year old, Maria Maddalena for three years. Anniemarie lived in the building for many years before that, but had to give up her apartment after her father died and her mother moved into a nursing home. Vardy worked for the Department of Education and was well-liked by the children in the building, including the Dunne’s 19 year old daughter. She had tutored some of the children in the building. The Post reported that Dunne had recently moved out, but came back periodically. 


    This morning, when the police arrived, Annemarie Vardy was dead (The Post published a picture of the EMT leaving – why??) and the Michael Dunne was arrested outside of the building. They were not sure about the Dunne’s motive for stabbing Vardy repeatedly in the stomach. When the police went to the building, Dunne had locked himself in the apartment. Tonight, the news said Dunne was undergoing psychiatric tests. The police found found Dunne’s mother and daughter with blood on them and some thought they were victims as well.   The Citizen X app showed this incorrect information:





    The building is in Dyker Heights and Channel 1 News was the only media which identified the neighborhood correctly as Dyker Heights. Most news stations are calling it Bay Ridge because they see Bay Ridge Avenue as the address.  


    *RIP Annemarie Vardy*  Prayers for her family and friends.


    See story here and here




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