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December 30, 2016

Why Doesn’t Paula Katinas Want Us to Know The Whole Story?

Why doesn't Paula Katinas not want us to know this man is works for Senator Marty Golden?
Paula Katinas,  a writer for the Brooklyn Eagle, recently wrote about a “a Bay Ridge resident”  attending a MTA meeting, but she failed to mention that the man, John Quaglione works in Senator Marty Golden’s office.  The article is strange because it doesn’t contain any information about what Senator Golden is doing about the fare increase. In September, Katinas noted that Marty Golden is on the MTA Capital Board but she failed to disclose that info in the article this week.  


Why would Katinas not disclose the relationship between this man and his boss? John Quaglione can easily talk to Senator Golden and get answers about the MTA. Did Katinas not want Ridgites to know that he works for Golden?  Why didn’t Paula Katinas ask Marty Golden what he is going to do about it? Why didn’t The Eagle send someone to the meeting and get various views from NY’ers? Strangely, the article notes that Quaglione sent in a picture of himself which looks like Assemblywoman Malliotakis’ picture from last year?  


I sent a tweet to the Brooklyn Eagle to correct the story (at least online). The Eagle didn’t respond but the paper sent me a tweet which said I was a top interactors.  #SocialMediaFail




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One Response to “Why Doesn’t Paula Katinas Want Us to Know The Whole Story?”

  1. constituent Says:
    April 28th, 2017 at 11:47 am

    I’m in full agreement she’s shady. she just posted an article how “Dilia Schack endorses Carroll for City Council” That was the headline and then not until halfway down in the article does she disclose that Dilia Schack is a co-manager of his campaign. It’s not yellow but its shady and when you call them out as I did you get no answer. Why solicit comments if nobody answers them.