October 15, 2018

Why Doesn’t Paula Katinas Want Bay Ridge to Know About Steve Saperstein?


Paula Katinas Steve Saperstein


Paula Katinas sat in the front row of the Dyker Heights Civic Association Debate. Yet, Katina’s retelling of the debate was quite different from what happened, particularly where it concerns Steve Saperstein.


Did Paula Katinas think Steve Saperstein and/or his team were playing politics at the debate?  It was obvious that they did.


Paula Katinas shared online:




Katina’s article  left out that Joel from Seagate asked a question.  Joel from Seagate came to a very poorly advertised debate that even I didn’t know about until right before it happened. Joel came to the debate to ask Dr. Mathylde a question about Louis Farrakhan.  Dr. Frontus was so poised in answering his question. She knew and everyone else knew it was a planted question as the man sitting next to Joel was wearing a Steve Saperstein shirt – seen here.



Other people commented on twitter about it:





After Dr. Frontus answered the question stating she didn’t know the man, Steve interjected that he me the man who asked the question (Really Steve, we couldn’t figure that at).  Saperstein should have been embarrassed that his team went low in front of everyone, while Dr. Frontus was professional and kept to the discussion on the communities’ needs.  Making up nonsense about his opponent shows he is just interested in playing politics.


Did the Brooklyn Reporter  leave out the truth because they are trying to control our election?  Or is it Paula Katinas that is trying to control the election?  Whose pulling Katinas strings that an experience political reporter would leave out key information like that?  Last week, we saw Paula Katinas incorrectly tell us about a NEW tax bill Malliotakis introduced in the NY Assembly – when I asked for the bill number Katinas and Malliotakis were silent.


We should be able to have #TruthInTheNews in Bay Ridge. 



A recording will be shared here shortly  so you can hear the truth.




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